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Some of my work in videography for an about the business page.

About Tex-Mex Photo Studio Video Introduction

Within one's website there should be an easier way to learn about the company and what one is about than having to read through pages to find out what one will expect. For those visual learners, my video introductions offer just this.

After developing the website for Monica, owner of Tex-Mex Photos, I also offered to create a short video to show her clients what to expect when going to her studio and working with her. Tex-Mex photos has been recognized for the strong presence between the hispanic community and Monica has been recognized as one of the photographers to go to for quinceañeras.

After the pandemic Tex-Mex stayed with only one location, rather than two as previous years. Where it can be located now is inside the building of the stockton's flea market. Tex-Mex has one of the best locations there and I have really enjoyed working with Monica and getting to know more about her clients and how much effort she puts forward for her clients.

Within the time I spent learning about what the needs of the business were to develop the right image, to being in the studio watching Monica work and engage with her clients. I have come to learned the value and vision Monica has for photography. I am looking forward to seeing that vision and Monica's dreams come to fruition. As Monica aims to take her photography to a new level, may this video help maintain her spirits high and give her the push she needs to achieve her dreams.

If you like my style and would like to work with me. Feel free to reach me by filling out the contact form, give me a call, or you may do so throughtout the social media message options. I tend to spend more time around instagram @jemthecrow.

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