M & A   Steam

Part of creating a brand is creating a logo.

Logo for Steam Company

Creating a business image starts with creating something that people can recognize and will make them remember your brand. Other than the quality of service of course, the logo is one of the most important aspects for a brand to start to be recognized.

Often the logo might be the first glance people have of your business, or it might be the image they associate with your name if it comes in the business card. A good logo will be somehow memorable for people and it will have created a foundation to the experience or image your clients expect from you.

I've been working on the website for M & A Steam. Since there was no logo available I also created one for the company. The process of creating the logo was simpler as they already had an idea of what they wanted, including the colors. I only had to find some shades of blue what met the requirements. I started with couple different fonts and shades of blue. Once both the font and color were selected within the M. I then added the reminder words to the full logo. However I kept the letter M as the main logo.

If you like my style and would like to work with me. Feel free to reach me by filling out the contact form, give me a call, or you may do so throughtout the social media message options. I tend to spend more time around instagram @jemthecrow.

M & A Steam Logo M&A Steam full logo

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