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Part of my design services include Album covers.

Design for music Album cover

Music has always been a big part of my life, from simply the joy of listening to it. To being part of creating music videos for the songs or the album cover design. When I learned about the beaner-jap EP I was very happy to be able to take part in the creative process for the branding and image for this project.

As time has passed by, I have litteraly seen the birth of Caine the DEB as an artist. I've enjoyed the conversations of a one time distant dream of having an album, to the fruition and development of said dreams. Understanding the style, the vision and what the artist wants to do with their music is important to achieve the look they can be proud of and will share with their own family, friends and fan base.

Part of my services for creatives has always included the design and support on building their brand and finding their voice online. Doing this has helped me understand the needs and obstacles that most people have to overcome; often allowing me to not just be part of the creative process but a guide in their life. Things like this pushed me to also become a life coach.

If you like my style and would like to work with me. Feel free to reach me by filling out the contact form, give me a call, or you may do so throughtout the social media message options. I tend to spend more time around instagram @jemthecrow.

Album Design Portrait for Caine The DEB

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