San Jose State University Parking Lot Rock Show

One small performance done by new band S.L.U.T.

Raw footage from the couple songs gig

Band Members of Slut

Taking into consideration 2020 was very dry in events and music for myself and many artists and creatives, getting an opportunity to collaborate with a new established band that was to play on the parking lot of the San Jose State University became a good project idea.

This new band named S.L.U.T. (Sonic Lust Under Tension) from San Jose, California. Although recently formed I have worked previously with Ken who recorded the EP 'The Beaner-Jap' a couple of years ago and I worked on a music video for his song 'Confessions to my beloved family unit'

In part I would say from the successful collaboration throughout the years I have known Ken and we have created some content. He contacted me once again about a project he was working on for one of his classes which he was planning to do a surprise show via zoom. I remembered last time I took pictures on the rooftop of the parking lot and I thought a show on the rooftop would be epic. It made me wish I had a drone, but since time was limited and they were only going to be performing 2 songs. It would not even matter since I am the only videographer/photographer and I can only control one camera at a time.

I started the evening recording the bands 'lets do this' with a beer toast and later I followed them to the parking lot to start setting up. The gig happened closed to sunset, there was a chance of rain but the heavens blessed us with no rain or even wind to complicate the show. Although I had a camera on a tripod and was using a gopro to record a different view of the drummer in action. The following footage is from the camera I was holding.

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