What is Happiness? How do you achieve it?

I have been asked a couple times the easy question... What is happiness and how can one achieve happiness.

Explaining Happiness.

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Perhaps one of the subjects and thoughts we constantly think about. Our daily life might even make us think not just if we are happy, but can even cast doubts if we will ever be happy. We might ask ourselves; How do I achieve happiness?

There have been studies that show the decline of 'happiness' due to social media. People tend to live with depression and other problems that is enhanced by our society. Tools that instead of connecting us and bring us together have created such a gap and distance between us. Anxiety and unnecessary labels that gurus either tell us to embrace or abandon. Every answer we get, lead us to have more questions, and at times believe those questions do not have an answer and we are destined to live in misery.

Being grateful is key

I am not sure how or when I started to believe happiness was a choice and started to include that in instagram hash-tags. What I am sure is my 'level of happiness' or how many times I avoided feeling sad and depression improved as I began to use different words to express myself and show gratitude with my life, what I have, even my experiences. Part of learning to be happy, is learning to be grateful. The way you start your day can impact how you end your day. Are you grateful you woke up, or you're already hating the alarm or whatever woke you up because you wanted to keep sleeping? Are you grateful you have food to eat, or are you angry that the only thing you have to eat are some instant noodles?

Of course there are things we might not like about ourselves or what we have. Perhaps even where we live, but liking and being grateful are different things. Just today for example, I woke up too early because I was cold and never went back sleep. Needless to say I did not enjoy waking up that early, but I was grateful I woke up, when it because obvious I would not fall asleep again I began writing this post. If there is something you don't like but you can change, then change it. If there's something you cannot change, then you have to work on accepting that.

Find what you love and do more of it

Does this come as a surprise to you? Sometimes the problem is we do not have (or make) time to do the things that makes us smile and we enjoy. I don't mean getting drunk or doing any kind of drug. I have always believed recreational drugs are an attempt to escape our reality. What I mean is to do the activities in our lives that recharge us, that inspire us. You might enjoy drawing, that can relax you, as well as making you feel good when you finish the drawing. If you like that and it creates a positive reaction, then do more of it. There are just too many activities to list them all, but doesn't have to be artistic. It might be somethings as simple as talking to people, so talk to people. If it's walking or going out on a hike, then walk and go hike new places.

There are things that we have done when we were younger that we hated and we don't have pleasant memories of it, that we might enjoy doing now. I recall not being a fan of photography, cameras were interesting, a very convenient way to save memories from certain parts of your life, nothing more. Now however, photography plays a major way in my world view and understanding. I hated vegetables when I was younger and now there are couple of them I cannot imagine them not part of my diet. If it doesn't harm you or anyone else, and you enjoy it. Do more of it.

We can make life pretty complex, but it doesn't have to be. Sometimes we just need a different perspective to move on, even overcome some obstacles. We can get those different perspectives with Life coaches, counselors, therapist, at times even your hair dresser. We need of other people, and there is nothing wrong with us because we don't do everything by ourselves.

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