Create something different with a new perspective using a drone to capture your walk on the park, your day on the beach, or outdoor activity.

My new drone sessions are awesome!

Recently I started to use my drone to provide a different perspective when capturing video. It has always given me a sense of awe whenenever I'm somewhere and drones are welcome and I get to capture my surroundings or get to actually follow people running without the video being shaky, I am also able to provide footage for people who want to show off their car.

Because it is kind of difficult to know where you can use the drone and everything without having to spend the time prior to the shoot investigating the regulations as well as the weather and wind conditions for the day and time of the shoot. I had always avoided the idea to do video with the drone. I think my first drone maybe 8 years ago was also in my opinion very difficult to maneuver and maintain steady if there was any wind, I had learned to avoid the drone. This time I have been using the DJI Mavic Pro 2 for some time now and I feel pretty confident not only it won't fall on top of someone but I can create some good footage.


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