Music Video

For artist Caine the DEB's first Ep.

Music Video in San Jose

After recording the first EP ('The Beaner-Jap'), which Caine the DEB recorded while he was visiting the Philippines. I had an interview with him, and we talked about like and concepts that inspired his music, as well as what motivated him to start his journey in music some of those conversations I posted on my youtube channel's life section.

Within the conversation, he mentioned he not only didn't have a cover for the EP once it got recorded but there was no video or anything in sight. He allowed me to listen to his song and I got very interested on helping him to develop some concepts for his cover and we would work on a video.

Since he is from San Jose, while I am currently working from Stockton, we got some footage from the time he came to the Mexican heritage center and played his songs. I also used some of the footage from our interview and we just ended up driving to couple locations in San Jose to record the remaining shots.

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