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This is one of the projects I've had the opportunity to work on.

Logo Design for Tech Company

One of the projects that I have often included in my portfolio is a logo design I created for a tech company in 2019. When the CEO of this new corporation got to talk to me and told me what their company did, I was very excited to work on a design. Is not every day that I get to not only work with a corporation, but someone reaching out to me from out of the state.

As part of any new brand, it is important to show in your logo what your company is about. I have always had the philosophy that one can be reliable, creative and professional. The logo must show all these basic traits. This was my purpose when I opted to create the logo out of a circuit board as that is the image that many of us have when it comes when thinking about computer repair or network setup. The image also displayed the name of the company: Aardvark. I gave couple options to the logo at first including a blue logo that look very cyber base, but the basic black/white logo was the chosen one on the final stage of the logo design.

If you are starting your own business and are in need of a logo, give me a call. Whether your company is about the outdoors or a tech company, we all need good design. After all starting with a solid image for your brand will make success easier to achieve.

Tech Company Logo

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