Model Photoshoot.

Some of the work I do include photography, this is one of my favorite sessions in studio with a model.

Model Photoshoot

Getting the opportunity to create photos in the studio along side people who are working to make their dreams happen is very rewarding. Not only I get to share that special moment in their journey, but also I get to create along side them. Photography has been very special for me, and doing a model photoshoot has become very fun.

Although my dream in photography still includes working with artists and musicians. Having the opportunity to work with established and starting models is often a great experience. When both my passion for photography and their passion for modeling comes together it is garanteed that we will create some great content and we will have an amazing time in the process.

Working with Zaahnia who has shows some good determination to follow her modeling dreams has inspired me to offer a modeling package for those who want to build their image and solidify their presence in the modeling industry. This package offers the creation of their own site with some complimentary shoots and video that will give them enough content to start showing what they can do with a solid portfolio.

Hope you enjoy my photos, you can always follow my instagram account or visit my photography portfolio at jahazielphotography.com

Model Zahnia Zahnia Modeling Model on ground Model Photo Model photoshoot

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