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I continue to use the drone to make some videos for my tiktok account .

Cristo del Sagrado Corazone Statue!

Cristo del Corazon Sagrado

I was able to travel to Ensenada, Baja California Mexico, on my way there I spotted a statue that reminded me of the cristo in Rio de Janeiro. I thought it would be a great opportunity to try my drone yet again and do something interesting in the process. After all practice will always make you better.

This statue is named 'Cristo del Sagrado Corazon'. It is a 75' statue looking at the town of El Morro. With such a magnitude and being visible from the highway, it is a good attraction. While I was admiring and recording the clip, I saw at least 3 cars come by to take photos of the statue of the selfie for facebook.

As I have started to enjoy the process of posting and the way TikTok lets some video footage look great without needed to edit the video at all. The option for choosing a song to accompany the video is also very appealing. I have always thought music is at times as important as the actual footage, and even at times the music will enhance the footage and make it seem more epic than what it really is. If you're into tiktok check out this video. Like and follow so I know what I'm doing right.


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