Hello… I am a legion of ideas and Personas, but my name is Jahaziel. I am a poet in search of life’s light and happiness. I have written 3 poetry books up to date. I wish to write a novel and hopefully I have the opportunity to do so in the near future.

For my own sake, I am now writing a bit more on my opinions on life and my journey on finding happiness, since life is too short and my memory scattered and unavailable most of the time. I figured if I keep my thoughts, believes and experiences saved somewhere other than my mind, perhaps they can come in handy for my kids in the future or someone else might benefit from what someone like myself can and is able to say. The world is full of colors, beauty, dangers and is constantly changing. Like the world I think my life, my opinions, my views, my persona seems to change but when viewed in detail one can see that not much really changes with the world itself, but is our surrounding that is constantly changing. We can either feed the beast inside us, or become the food being fed by the beast around us.


Horse Head

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