Sharing a beautiful day with my clients on their wedding day is beyond amazing. Not only the love they truly share and happiness from their family on such an important day can inspire me to write something or capture a beautiful image, but they make me believe in eternal love and the possibility of each one of us finding that perfect someone one day. Thank you to Crystal and Damian for making me believe a bit more on that idea of a true and infinite love one can feel for that one special person in our life. May Love and Happiness be with them all their life.

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When True Love is Found

Sharing my life with you
for Seven years has been a bliss.
I’ve dreamed many days
of a perfect day, we’d share; like this.

Since we met in High School
I knew one day I would have you,
your love would be mine
and with a big smile you’d say ‘I do’

Today your family rises and grows
true love we share, and everyone knows
“Husband & Wife” and like the saying goes
we’ll stay together, in our highs and lows.

On English Class you caught my attention
I passed notes along to let you know,
My love unanswered when graduation came
and I was afraid to let you go
but on that December
I saw a love spark glow
from that moment on
I’ve done my best to help it grow
and though we had to take it slow
my love for you is an endless fountain
that never ceases to flow.

I look in your eyes and my soul smiles
when you smile, I know together forever we’ll stay
for every morning I wake up next to you I know…
I’ve woken up to another perfect day.

Copyright ©2014 Jahaziel E Magana

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