How often or how long is it long enough for you to try and fail? Or long enough to try and succeed? There have been many times I’ve found myself realizing I’ve taken the wrong choice or the wrong path for my life, and again I have to live with the consequences, but every time we can’t achieve the results we wanted, the feeling of failure and giving up comes up. Is the failure worth it? is there no other way out but giving up?

When those feelings arrive, it is very important to remember, we learn from our failures the most. When we fall we have the opportunity to raise stronger once again, with more knowledge as of what not to do. Learn from your mistakes, don’t do the same error twice, adjust to the situation you are in. Become your biggest fan. If one thing should be eternal, I think that is hope and you should not lose your grasp in it. Never give up, there hasn’t been a person in the history of the world who was born, and was amazing and doing things perfectly on their craft.

Feelings are what determine what we believe and what we do in life. If you want to truly achieve happiness, do not give up on yourself, do more of the things that make you happy, and try to let go of those that cause you pain. Don’t let people’s opinion define your own idea and definition of who you are. We are all entitled to our opinions, but opinions and facts are sometimes different.

Somethings come so easy in our lives just as some become so difficult we have issues coping and dealing with them. That is just the beauty of life, we never know what we will get or how much of it, until everything evolves or we are open to see and accept the results. If what you are trying to accomplish will help you on your path to achieving happiness, do not ever give up, but if you have failed to obtain it, learn from your previous attempts, modify your approach and give it your all. Happiness is a choice after all. Are you willing to compromise it, or give it up?

Running Away

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