Have you ever stopped to think about why you go to a specific restaurant? Whether is something fast and easy as Burger King Vs McDonalds , or Jack in the Box. When I have to meet someone on a personal or business side over coffee, I always say Starbucks. I wouldn’t argue with someone that they make the best coffee in the entire world, not even on my small town. However there is something about Starbucks that I enjoy a lot. Their brand is fantastic. If we get technical, brand is defined as “a design symbol, term and name that identifies a seller’s good or service as distinct from other sellers” according to the American Marketing Association. It is through branding that you build trust and relation with your clients.
I don’t recall a time where I’ve had a bad experience in any Starbucks. Even the times I’ve had to wait in line for some time, I always felt good just being there.

I’ve taken noticed on the investment Starbucks has done not only on habit research on their client but also educating their staff to provide with the quality of service we now have grown costumed to. Everyone in the service industry, or any industry actually can look at the things corporations like Starbucks, Target, Apple among many others have been doing to keep, attract and grow their customer base.

Who are your clients?
One of the most important aspects to grow your business is knowing who will buy your product. You can’t expect to attract 40yr old professional “corporate” clientele to your rock/punk clothing store, and expect to make a living and profit from it. That type of store would have a higher chance to make a profit advertising to teenagers and younger people.

To create a successful brand you need to know who your clients are, what they like, how much they can spend, among many other things. Having built a business and a name is the begining to building your own brand, but not the extend of it.
Building your own brand is no easier than starting a new diet, it takes time and a lot of effort. To begin you could start by reading these articles:
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