I just created my own spot I call my video studio. Turning my spare bedroom into my very own video studio. I started with painting one of the walls green, it took me a while to decide what to do or how to do it, but I finally opted to have a bar table and two stools which I used to use as my dining set. I also moved my bookshelf from my living-room to the now studio room to serve as extra decor, and in case I want to look up some reference or inspiration.

Constantly I have found myself not only holding a camera, but also in front of the camera as I converse with myself or people around me about life. The first time I opted to do something like that and start recording just as if I was talking to my son giving advice to his future self. I recall often thinking I would die a lot younger, and thus I thought getting something ready for my son to listen to would come in useful. Now that I can still give advice to him and I hope to continue to give advice, it is important to not only continue to share what I have learned and what I do, but also to be able to give a different perspective to other people who might need to hear a different side. In my search in life I have often come across the right messages when I needed them the most. Maybe now I can create someone’s needed message.

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