Jahaziel Verses

Civilization calm but I resent, and can’t accept it.
I can’t make your god or custom’s mine
You can’t force your believes
Thinking what you were taught comes from the Divine.

What makes you think the world revolves around you
And if you say so, it makes things fine.
Why don’t you just shut up a little,
suck a dick, choke on it, swallow it, and get your ass back in line.


Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter)

Another endless portal or I think I’ve started spinning
In my mind oh no wait, that’s just me down there day dreaming
Did you tie a rope around my heart and let it dangle like a key chain
Cause now it swings like those pendulum things all God damn day

I might be waiting for an angel or begging death for a long kiss
But one thing’s clear, I’m just rotting here and I want to get off this list
You’re an agreeable contradiction and I’m the devils own form of karma
I’ll take the bullet over a Bible and end my survival but waiting in line, I just don’t wanna… (do)

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