As we shared some laughs on our last challenge, Ken picked the writing subject about. Again same rules, two verses each. Words chosen ‘Rubbers and Fishnets’


Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter)

Alone, vulnerable and so misunderstood
she knows she’s got the upper hand and she knows that she could
bring me down right to my knees and have me plead so desperately
This bitch, she’s got a smile on her face like she loves to watch me bleed.

She says she wants to suck me raw tonight without any rubber
lips as soft as the kiss of death I swear I started to stutter
then you realize the devil doesn’t come to bring any obvious pain
she comes wearing fishnets and high heels with an angel’s face.

JEM’s Verses (That’s me) šŸ˜€

You called me a ‘beaner’, and I got mad
with your mascara and fishnets you’re still the best I’ve had
if I’m a beaner, does it make you a trailer trash?
my rod caught your fish, without rubber after our crash

You loved and moaned it, screaming my name
your ass I owned it, you did it all without shame.
why must you phone me, to say we’re all the same
what we had was a big game, and your lover on your face just came?

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