On a Saturday she swore me loyalty,
on a Saturday she swore me love forever.
Next Wednesday she cheated,
Next Friday she left, but whatever.

I wasted my time searching for her love,
trying to somehow appeal and stay in her heart
I tried giving her love and taking her places,
I tried buying her gifts, a car, making some art
Nothing worked, I never got closer
She saw me as a tool,
just your average in-love Loser.

I thought I learned from that experience,
I locked my heart and feelings away.
I figured I meet someone who lives faraway,
Maybe someone who can meet me halfway,
Someone who once they Meet me,
thanks to my hugs and kisses would want to stay
I met you on a Sunday, but was in love prior to that day.
You made me smile and to god again pray
But Monday came, and you said things between us were not okay,
Tuesday… Well, I’m alone again Today.

Copyright ©2017 Jahaziel E. Magana

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