What we value in life tends to vary, we might put monetary value on somethings, emotional value, or spiritual value. Sometimes their value will be determined by us as a society or on individual basis.

I attended a chamber of commerce event held by Alianza Counseling earlier this year and as I was covering the event I began having a conversation about life. I’ve always been curious to know more about how other people live their life and what are some aspects of how they live that maybe could benefit the rest of humanity. I believe we all want to achieve a better lifestyle, whether that is financially, spiritually, or otherwise. Here’s one good financial advice from that event.

Its been a few times that I have held a conversation with people about their opinion on life. Every time I feel it not only gets more interesting, but it get easier to get those conversations going. I look forward to the day where I can perhaps make videos like this at least once a week.

For more about my life opinion and search… check out my life section.

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