I’ve been digging thru some of my old files and came across some videos from a wedding I had the opportunity to cover. At the time I had my cousin Ken living in our house, back when him and I would write verses together and spend our time talking about music, life and the Illuminati. I had offered him to be my assistance and then we could go take pictures together also. At the time I only had my main and backup camera, so I couldn’t hand him one of my camera since I would use both so I don’t have to change lenses, I would just switch cameras. The best idea we came up with was for him to grab my Canon camcorder which I threw away years ago already because the video quality was horrible and would take so long to focus and would lose focus pretty easily. So I ask Ken to come with me, he can just record me working and then we can talk about how or why I do things. It didn’t occurred to me to spend a few minutes teaching him the basics of videography šŸ™

After looking at the hole day event this is the best pieces of the footage I can put together. So it serves as a reminder than you not only need to have experience and know what you’re doing, but you have to have some decent equipment. One can only get better by practicing, and your level of practice must match your level of gear. We all have to start at some point, and I’ve even gone back 12 years to when I first became interested in photography, the comparison of the quality of pictures is pretty incredible. I wouldn’t hire that guy, lol. Now a days is a different story and I feel pretty confident to be able to manage anything that comes my way.

The mistakes we make in life are but lessons for us to become better. Go out to the world and learn many lessons šŸ™‚

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