So there I was today
walking straight to you
all those words
carefully planned out.
But seeing you has made me shiver
your pretty face has made me smile
your beautiful body almost made my heart stop.

Such a pretty skirt
that gives me a brief view of your legs
but my legs walk slower, the closer I get
my dry lips have made my mouth so hard to open
those words I thought so easy, are now impossible to say.

A couple steps away you notice me and smile
but my confidence has gone through the drain
every word I had planned has suddenly went away.
Feeling so sad and useless I manage to say ‘hey’
I keep walking wishing, you and I… could become a we
thinking how that drink your lips are touching I would like to be
hoping later in time I don’t regret this moment
as much as I do right now.

Copyright ©2017 Jahaziel E. Magana

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