When I’ve met with customers for the first time, many of them have the idea that all photographers use Photoshop, or alter in one way or another the images. I think this is a common misconception. There are many names on top of the photography business who do not modify their images in such a perceived way. I do not have anything against such modifications, in certain occasions such adjustments or creative input into an image is necessary to create the artist idea. However, I am against it when one as a photographer has to use such tools to make the image acceptable, whether that be a lack of knowledge or ability. It is my goal as a photographer to master my craft to not use such tools on my work to fix it, but rather to enhance it. It is my belief if something doesn’t look good after the shutter goes off, you must fix it there and shoot the image again. Work the room, the church, the studio in such a way that the only reason you would modify your images is to either increase color, or turn an image black/White.

That Was Photoshopped!!!

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