Tell me how to be a leader, a role model
tell me how to hide my lie making it seem it’s true,
tell me how to I blame my drug addiction
for my marriage failure, and bad parenting skills too.

I have a business man attitude, a personality of a poet
the wisdom of a guru, all wrapped in a crow tattoo
I have an angel that whispers, a demon that yells
the lord of darkness and his army that my soul pursue.

I tried the Christian and the satanic bible
looking for guidance on at least one verse
looking for a spark of inspiration
on living life without feeling life’s a curse.
I prayed to the highest, my lord, my energy source
to help me beat this guilt, this impotence, this remorse.
what I got was my arrogant attitude, loving the risky
I felt in love with vodka, traded my best friend for whisky.
A wine aficionado, half my own words I used to borrow
I’m lying on the street still dreaming on the day I’ll win the lotto.

Tell me how I bring in my life peace and order
how do I control my Dissociative Identity Disorder
Tell me how I keep following just one dream around
tell me if there’s a secret, so I don’t keep falling down.


Copyright ©2016 Jahaziel E Magana

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