Jahaziel’s Verses

In a nut shell I can say life is wonderful but always sad
I can bring up the memory of you, tears fall and with pain I go mad.
How could something so wonderful, turned up to be so bad.
You broke my passion, my faith, hopes, dreams and countless things I could add..

I smile in sadness to those nice memories with your angry attitude now you destroy,
you left me one big reason to smile, one that forever will give me joy.
I despise your presence, I despise you whole.
I despise those love words I remember, when on my mind I’m on patrol.
In this story, did I give myself the fool’s role? How is it, that a person like you, my confidence stole? Now it takes 10 other people to come rescue my soul…


JEM The Crow (My Alter Ego says…)

Tears of blood run down my face, showing the pain you’ve caused
your reflection shows the smile trace, and your feelings that have been paused.
I made a river of blood in your name,  you’ve created a fool on your game.
A goal too high for me I tried and aim? She was the moon goddess, or so you proclaim.

A fool is what you are, but I’ve proven to be a bigger one
An idea brighter than the sun,  is that you just had undone.
She’s not a goddess, and I’m not your servant, but I am the universe observant.
When I see the worlds around me still spin, I know forever my power will win.
In a self made river of tears he learns to swim, no battle is so strong, that we can’t rescue him…


Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter)

You and I, we’re quite alike, two separate lives, two separate times
but you and I, two fucked up minds
Let’s talk about how we want to die
See what I mean? Do we look alright?

Blame it on our fucked up past
or promises that didn’t last
But I found you now and you found me too
so we can watch each others backs

All the sad tears we tasted back then
helped us learn the best form of pretend
To smile when it hurts the fucking most
and carry on till the very end.


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