Addicted (to you) – Verse Challenge

In the terms of being addicted to someone, even when you know they might be hurting you, and yet you still deny any claim or any advice anyone is willing to give you out of love and concern for your well being. Jahaziel Verses… Your words have always been so hurtful, I cried in pain […]

Confusion (Verse Challenge)

Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter) When I wake up every morning and got no fucking clue what I’m doing here, why I’m alive, or what I’m supposed to do The hardest part is lying to you all saying I’ll make it through When deep down inside, I just want to die, so tired of being confused […]

Divine intervention (verse challenge)

J3M’s Verses (That’s Me) Standing tall and proud I’ve challenge the will of god, Can’t I be my own ruler, can’t I make my own choice? Must you show your power with this divine intervention must you put an end to my voice? Nature pours its rain on me, my family disowned me My wife […]

Devil’s String(s) (6th Verse Challenge)

Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter) I’m just a dancing puppet tied to the devil’s strings But i know why Eve couldn’t resist the fruit My memories scattered, my heart in pieces But none of that matters when im with you These strings on my back pull me from all thats good Youre smile is the only […]

waiting in line -5th Challenge

Jahaziel Verses Civilization calm but I resent, and can’t accept it. I can’t make your god or custom’s mine You can’t force your believes Thinking what you were taught comes from the Divine. What makes you think the world revolves around you And if you say so, it makes things fine. Why don’t you just […]