Visuals always inspire Music

I’ve had the chance to work with Ken in some of the writing  challenges  of two verses or random subjects a few times now. It is always fun to have someone you can understand at a creative level. Since he has the talent to achieve his dream of becoming a rockstar, I figured we also do a […]

Re-doing a Classic

When I first started studio portraiture my oldest son decided to pop on the set and poke around, it turned into a father-son mini session. Considering I didn’t have an assistance but had to rely on a tripod and the 10 second self-timer. Slightly different equipment as then, and with a little help I think […]

Remembering old Friends

[slideshow_deploy id=’451′]I would say the best thing about visiting your hometown or a place where you used to live, is getting the opportunity to see your friends. Catching up with current events on your friends lives and remembering the good old times always brings laughter and joy. As they shared a moment of their time […]