Illusions (Verse Challenge)

Jahaziel’s Verses I thought I had you next to me, I thought you were all I could be you came to me bearing glory, You came to me offering to what you knew I would certainly agree. after he had ignore my cries and my plea, so come now, claim your trainee lets ride together, to […]

Tears and Smiles (Verse Challenge)

Jahaziel’s Verses In a nut shell I can say life is wonderful but always sad I can bring up the memory of you, tears fall and with pain I go mad. How could something so wonderful, turned up to be so bad. You broke my passion, my faith, hopes, dreams and countless things I could […]

Girls and Drugs (verse Challenge)

Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter) How do I tell you girl, that you got me so hooked and all it took was one look I’m having withdrawals like a former junkie, painful thoughts that haunt me, Its all set cause your flight is now booked How many times will you get me to say, either im […]

Divine intervention (verse challenge)

J3M’s Verses (That’s Me) Standing tall and proud I’ve challenge the will of god, Can’t I be my own ruler, can’t I make my own choice? Must you show your power with this divine intervention must you put an end to my voice? Nature pours its rain on me, my family disowned me My wife […]

Insecurities (verse challenge)

Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter) I’m too fat, i’m too skinny, i’m too dark, i’m too pale Am I worth it? Am I cool? Can I pass? Will I fail? I see my own reflection and I just can’t stand the sight I know that life’s a battle, but i’m giving up in this fight These […]

Misunderstanding (Verse Challenge)

What Ken Says: (Ken’s Twitter) I mistook a pot of gold for a piece of shit I misread your perfect smile for a love I’ll never get I fucked up again, couldn’t read between the lines felt face first again, but I guess that it’s all right I’m so lost I can’t tell apart the […]

Verse Challenge (Life’s Choices)

My Verses   As darkness falls and the world lays silent I can’t avoid to hear and follow their voices shadows, rain clouds, trees and rocks show me constantly their angry faces. My life succumbs to temptation and the stress does nothing but lead me to another crisis. Should I even complain or seek help If […]