Misunderstanding (Verse Challenge)

What Ken Says: (Ken’s Twitter) I mistook a pot of gold for a piece of shit I misread your perfect smile for a love I’ll never get I fucked up again, couldn’t read between the lines felt face first again, but I guess that it’s all right I’m so lost I can’t tell apart the […]

Verse Challenge (Life’s Choices)

My Verses   As darkness falls and the world lays silent I can’t avoid to hear and follow their voices shadows, rain clouds, trees and rocks show me constantly their angry faces. My life succumbs to temptation and the stress does nothing but lead me to another crisis. Should I even complain or seek help If […]

waiting in line -5th Challenge

Jahaziel Verses Civilization calm but I resent, and can’t accept it. I can’t make your god or custom’s mine You can’t force your believes Thinking what you were taught comes from the Divine. What makes you think the world revolves around you And if you say so, it makes things fine. Why don’t you just […]