Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter)

Now that Im alone, Ill admit i think a lot about you
now that im alone, I just dont know what the fuck to do 
thoughts in my mind, contemplating time, just want to go back to when you were mine
No, this isnt goodbye, I promise it will soon get better
“Ill be back” Ill say like Mr. Schwarzenegger
But for some reason it still hurts not being able to hold you close
Ive become addicted, youve become my drug and I need my daily dose

Im crawling on the floor with my heart pounding out my chest
I got some pictures of last night , you look so perfect in that dress
now “hold me close” you say and this isnt just a dream
its not all in my head, this is actually happening 

For once in my life, i know that i feel alive
coz im actually sad now for saying my silly goodbyes
even though that i know, ill be back in no time
Time just feels like forever when youre not by my side


My Verses

We talked about that movie, the scene you loved so much
you wished that moment was real and you could live it,
that’s exactly what I happen to have with her, no need to commit
no titles, no ties, just pure fun, her body is mine until my body happiness can emit.

Call it kinky, call it special, or call all of this a bit silly
she’s a big toy that enjoys playing with my willi
She loves the corn, the cream, the sauce, the chili,
The Mountains, the drooler, the tight, the caramel and hands a bit chilly
she comes to me as my own gift, my own flower, my Lily…
She does this good bye so lovely, so eager, so freely.

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