Had the opportunity to meet a great artist recently; A singer, dancer, entrepreneur via her Instagram account couple days ago. I was looking for artists to collaborate with who are in the music industry and the arts in Stockton. In the process of chatting with her, she told me she wanted to better her modeling portfolio as well, so we ended up meeting over coffee and chat a little more on what her dreams and what she’s trying to accomplish is. This opened way to my shoot with Erica Renee.

I must say that as I got to talk about how we could mutually help each other create something great the first time we met over coffee. The conversation got me all motivated and we set up a photo-session right away. The day of the shoot, I got to hangout with Erica for a little prior to our shoot in a local bar where they do karaoke. She sang couple songs there. It was really nice to meet someone not only with ambition but talents to back them up. Plus getting some drinks and hearing someone who can sing is always a great adding benefit of talking and hanging out with artists. šŸ™‚

The work created

Thanks to working with her I gain back my motivation to keep my studio work going and have now included some of her shots into my portfolio. We got talking and her singing path also got new roads, she now sings for a church, and she’s looking for a record deal to continue her singing career and bring her dreams to fruition.

As I continue to develop my own voice as a photographer and solidify my style, in both my events, quinceanera and studio shoots. Here are some of my favorite pictures from my shoot with Erica Renee. May fortune smile upon her by bringing new opportunities to her life. While she gets her career going you can find her on Instagram @ericarenee_entertainment_

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