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Some times you just wake up with the urge to do something, and that’s what happened to me on Tuesday December 5. I got some poems together, wrote some new one and then I got back into my computer writing and couple weeks later I had it all ready and published for the Amazon Kindle as my last book ‘Stuck in Life’Ā O. It always seems like things are easy until you try them and find out how much work needs to be put into any project. The first time I ever saw someone write a poem I thought it was so easy and I could also do it, and better. What I had seen them do in 5 minutes turned out to be a few days for me and it was not as good. The same way with stories, for some reason we want to feel like we are better, even without trying or having any practice on the matter. Just for the simply fact that ‘we are’.

This book has poems and feelings one could have before meeting the love of your life, while you’re in love, and after the relationship fails. Though I didn’t feel the need to separate them by section, but just wrote and organized the ones I had before I felt in love talking about what love should be, what I was thankful for, things in my life I was proud of or ashamed of. Then it comes the first times seeing, talking to and getting to know that person that throws your world upside down and makes you re-define your opinion of what beauty is.

Like everything in our life that ends, I also wrote some poems that I left at the end part of the book for when the love ends and the crushed spirit that suffers the loss of that love.

This book I definitely considered the one book where I’ve put more emotions into, if there’s anything closer to my ideas and feelings would definitely be Shattered. It’s been a good process, hopefully next time I complete a book instead of being poetry is a novel, even a short novel would be nice I think :p

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