I’ve been a photography mentor for couple months now, and I must admit that it does feel good to share what you know and try to inspire someone into creating an art vision with the wonderful tool known as ‘Camera’. There is something about photography, much like writing and music that calls many people. Photography is something truly amazing, I believe that being a photographer is truly the best job ever. But like all jobs it has its challenges, personal, ethically and socially. Part of the personal challenges is to find your calling as a photographer, there are so many wonderful segments of photography. If one is super social person, there are many events that we can cover. If we prefer solitude, there are also many options available. If we pay attention to our work and what we search to capture in the camera, one can find interesting things not only of the world but oneself. Do we prefer to use a 200mm lens to be able to keep our distance, or a 50mm so we can stay close? Does one smile reflect one personality better than a more emotional moment? do we look for the perfect shot, or do we wait for the shots to come to us?

Much like paying attention to what, and how you shoot. It is also something interesting to find what way to explain, teach, and share your experiences. If one truly pay attention, just like a photograph can reflect one self, creating/molding a scene certain way can also tell a lot about the photographer.

Photography notes

White board with the photography class notes

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