JEM’s Verses (That’s me)

Tell me, are you satisfied being his shadow,
Don’t you rather sit on your own throne,
why must you be a willing slave
a willing dog waiting for him to throw you a bone.

You see what you want when you walk around shadows
you see what the masters this day have shown
If you’re stronger, smarter, why wouldn’t you this king dethrone
You don’t fear his god, when is made of a breakable stone.

Raise to the ranks, comes see the pure light
no filters, no illusions created by their shadows
you can’t step in my circle with fear for your soul,
If you want to join the light, you give yourself whole.


Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter)

Scared and lonely, naked and afraid will you take my hand?
I wish that I was stronger to be friends with the boogeyman
but day by day we fight through, its all we can do to stay alive
I’ve bottled and collected memories and every tear drop that we cried

Cuz deep inside I’m still that boy who’s afraid of his own shadows
but forced to live in fear in the deepest gallows
maybe someday ill be strong and i could wrestle the devil
you could throw a mountain at me and ill think its a pebble

But to this day, we all say, we gotta learn to be tough
but what if im sick of your words and ive just had enough
my shadow isnt my enemy , my shadow is my friend
its only when the light dies, that his short life, comes to an early end


Jahaziel’s Verses 

I can never be a shadow master,
I don’t control where your light shines,
If I could control time, I would make things slow or turn faster
I could rewind those moments where there was clear signs.
I was setting up my own demise, I created in my own path that disaster
Why would I tell the world I take whatever it designs.
I could have been the creator, I could have taken a better path
where all the pain was avoided, where I never meet life’s wrath
Where I could have smiled along my friends,
now I hide behind faces, now they take over when it all ends
We share a pen, and tell what we have designed, through this camera lens.
Was I a coward, was I too afraid to deal with my own emotions and pain?
I am now only a shadow… but there are no shadows when its cloudy or rain.

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