You’ve asked if I am romantic
but I’ll always say I am not.
Love is not mysterious, nor a simple idea
Love is my whole being, for love is all I’ve got.

I could love you forever,
my whole life or an instant
I could write you a poem
or say something clever
I would find the words or letters
those that could plant my name in your heart
those that could make you think of me
and that we belong together, and not apart.

If I confess this poem is for you,
would you hold my hand and kiss me?
if you could see your name engraved in my heart
would you let our love be?
Would you let go of your fears
and explore our love’s new Sea?

If I say I’m not romantic
a romance between us, would you still see?
if I am not romantic…
to go on that date, would you still agree?
I am not romantic,
but with this poem. I give you my heart’s key.

Copyright ©2014 Jahaziel E Magana

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