After the car show I covered a few days ago. I got to sit down with Betty Ramirez in her radio show ‘Sabor Latino’ to talk about my business Jahaziel Photography and just my thoughts on the subject over all. Sabor Latino is one of the shows from ‘The Voice of San Joaquin/ Voice of ‘ ; an online station that promotes what the community is doing and the people making the community better.

Talking to my family about my radio interview, they reminded me how I used to play as a kid pretending I had my own radio show. I would use a boom box with an attachable microphone where I would record some music I liked at the time and even interview people. Although I had forgotten this, it was interesting to have said not long ago that I want to be on air and sure enough I got my request. For those who want to learn a little extra about me, here’s the actual footage from my radio show feature on Sabor Latino with Betty Ramirez.

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