Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter)

I can honestly say I’m starting to forget
what the word “sober” means.
I remember being scared of demons
but now we play on the same team.
Now, does that mean or do you believe
that I can’t be good inside?
Cause I too believe in Love, Hope, and Dreams
and pointless little lies.

Please feel free to judge me
because you’re obviously so pure
and don’t worry I’m not laughing
I just don’t think you’re the cure.
So I’ll go away to live day by day
in a world that’s filled with joy
while all the rest pretend to talk, pretend to care
but only want to destroy.

But flip the coin to the other side
I promise you’ll find joy as well
it doesn’t have to be all dark and sadness
we also have so many stories of
beauty left to tell.
So have you changed your mind about me
or do you still think that I”m fucked up?
Don’t worry, now I’m laughing inside and out
cause I still think that you’re uncut.




Jahaziel’s Verses

Can my story be a love letter?
Would a love poem sound better?
If I was to describe us, I would bring up Christmas,
you are the contest, and I am the ugly sweater.

You have the most beautiful eyes I’ve seen
a pretty face, even a big round butt
you were so good to me
you learned how to make me nut.
Forgive me if I’m being raunchy
my innocence is no flower pure & Uncut.
I can’t talk of smiles when I’m looking at your tits
I can’t talk of dignity, if i’m wondering if she swallows or spits
can I be the type of man who hits it, then quits?
Am I the type of man who believes in suicide first
before to love and to a relationship he commits?

Copyright ©2017 Jahaziel E Magana

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