Psycho Girl
JEM’s Verses

If you can say your name is Anne, then I can say I’m Stan
You were my biggest Fan, you even made the name for my clan
‘for you I’ll do anything I can’… for your band I bought this new van
Little did I know to have a kid, you had this elaborate plan.

Shit… I’m just a pawn on your chest board, what is this? Death comes when your lips someone kiss, my mind broken in your games and racist bliss
was I the only dumb motherfucker who you were able to pieces chop?
I gotta release some anger so some weight from my soul I can drop,
you used me and abused me, until that baby out you popped,
didn’t take you long to hate me, and being my fan you stopped.
You damn whore, you’re a disgrace to women all around, kicking someone when they are down, acting like a clown, but expecting people to treat you like you’re wearing a crown. We should throw you out of this town, should I build your new house under ground?
Oh my Stan… From this boat.. you look so handsome while you drown


Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter)


This sick world calls you a psycho girl, but to me you’re the motherfucking Mona Lisa
And the exact Same world that labels you crazed is inflicting me pain that you’re my only anesthesia
You’re always cornered and chained always being played you’re that left out stray that nobody saves
But in our world where we’re filled with hate, lies, and Gore
If you put two loners together, we aren’t loners no more

Let them call you psycho, we’ll watch as they laugh
But when they think that they’re safe that’s when we attack
Be my psycho girl and I’ll be your crazy boy
We’ll hold hands and laugh as we watch the world get destroyed

You say no one in this world wants you in their team
So fuck `em all come start a team with me
Let’s go for the cliche of us against the world
When everybody hates you, I’ll love you my psycho girl.

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