Meeting you was such a pleasure
Meeting you in such a fun place
You a hidden goddess,
I was from the demonic race.
I knew I would crumble
As soon as I got near that beautiful face.

Many times you said you were not ready
But I never understood why
I gave you my love without question
I wanted to heal that pain that made you cry.
I wanted to be your knight in shiny armor,
To help you overcome the pain caused by that bad guy.

You told me you loved me,
then you changed your mind
You told me you saw happiness with me,
to later tell me you’re blind.

I woke up with you on my arms
I smiled, kissed you and went on my day.
Then you remind me there’s no future, no feelings, no life with me. You can’t waste your time on someone like you’ve done before. It’s too late, even if I deserved it more. Your happiness is first, and we can’t play house anymore.

©2019 Jahaziel E. Magana

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