On our random subjects Ken and I have decided to take a go at Players in the dating scene type of players.  Since I was the one to come up with the subject.

My verse goes first:

Looking back to my notebook I see the picture I drew
the notes of that amazing night and your panties, bright blue
was it all necessary, through all this, did you have to put me through
was I a game, and you the player, according to you?

I confided in you my fears, my hopes and my dreams
you became the beach to my endless sea
you became the fruit, to my life tree
you are the only who has ever said understands me
but all those lies from you  I couldn’t see, and I ignored my mind’s plea.
I thought you were priceless, when your touch and lips one gets for free.


Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter)

Call me a fucking player, i say i’m juggling hearts
You say its so repulsive but to me its cunning art
No one ever admits how being alone’s the hardest part
Prosthetic feelings are built to hide the mess we really are

Maybe its a self-defense or maybe a pleasure spot
so baby don’t look so upset now that you know i got
another hot ho with not clothes, waiting in her bed
for me to come over, as i remember what mama said

“This world’s an ice cream shop and all the girls are all the flavors
so son, make sure you try ’em all and find the one you savor
and when you find the one for sure you stay loyally to it
but until then, just please be safe every time you do it”


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