Is not everyday that I get to cover a quinceañera, or have a quinceañera photo session. Much less traveling out of the country to have the quinceañera session.

I have always found inspiring when people want you to take their pictures, but even more when a big life event is happening and they request you to be the one to take pictures.

Getting to travel to Mexico and take the pictures there was truly a different experience to what I am accustomed to, not just because the location is different, but the equipment that I got to use was limited and different to what I am used to. The challenge arose with the day coming to an end pretty fast, as not only the days are shorter but we got some makeup and attire holding us back. We were also supposed to have the entire group (boys and girls) who will participate in the dance show up for the pictures but that didn’t quite happened as expected.

All ‘s well that ends well

All the girls did show up for the session with a similar style to make sure they match and look good in the pictures. Having only one speedlight became the challenge to overcome when the entire group shots were up and the ambiance light was scarce. It reminded me of the time I covered the Movie Premiere for Joey Travolta. Since I also had limited gear that night.
Once we had lost all day light did I realized I had an extra flash in my bag and made the last couple images slightly better. At least there were people there willing to assist holding the flash, else I wouldn’t have been able to pull it off. I’m sure I will have this experience in mind for my next out of country experience.

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