Jahaziel’s Verses

I don’t look up to authority
but I respect those who share knowledge
I don’t have to follow guidelines
we don’t need rules on decency.

I don’t need you to say
what is right or wrong
I don’t need you to accept
my plants or the bong
I don’t need your help to succeed
I don’t need your negativity and doubts
to succeed in life… I don’t need your permission.




Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter)


Lately things have been changing faster than the speed of light
it’s been way too damn long since there’s been innocence in sight
like a drug affecting me straight to the brain.
My time on this earth is a slow passing drain.

Political correctness and extreme sensitivity
have joined forces to expand cultivated plasticity
no space for imagination just mandatory submission
lately to be myself, I’ve had to ask for permission.



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