Who wastes time writing this…

Hello… I am a legion of ideas and Personas, but my name is Jahaziel. I am a poet in search of life’s light and happiness. I have written 3 poetry books up to date. I wish to write a novel and hopefully I have the opportunity to do so in the near future.

For my own sake, I am now writing a bit more on my opinions on life and my journey on finding happiness, since life is too short and my memory scattered and unavailable most of the time. I figured if I keep my thoughts, believes and experiences saved somewhere other than my mind, perhaps they can come in handy for my kids in the future or someone else might benefit from what someone like myself can and is able to say. The world is full of colors, beauty, dangers and is constantly changing. Like the world I think my life, my opinions, my views, my persona seems to change but when viewed in detail one can see that not much really changes with the world itself, but is our surrounding that is constantly changing. We can either feed the beast inside us, or become the food being fed by the beast around us.


Horse Head

Devil’s String(s) (6th Verse Challenge)

Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter)

I’m just a dancing puppet tied to the devil’s strings
But i know why Eve couldn’t resist the fruit
My memories scattered, my heart in pieces
But none of that matters when im with you

These strings on my back pull me from all thats good
Youre smile is the only thing keeping me sane
Call me crazy and tell me im out of my mind
Im twisted and you’re sick but we feel the same


Jahaziel’s Verses

The sun settles one more time,
I’ve made it trough another spring
another year of depressing words
that your soul even sting.

Another endless summer
that happiness won’t bring
but now I see and think
That parent’s bring the devil’s string

Transcending Love

I should really thank our friends
for adding you into our crew.
I wish the exact moment I felt in love, I knew…
but I don’t have a clue.
Could it be the moment I laid eyes on you?
Could it be when I caressed your tattoo?
To see you again thousand miles I flew
for I knew what I felt, was pure and true.

My heart ached and cried when I didn’t have you
This love transcends poetry and romantic words
You are my love, so amazing
thinking of living without you hurts
I could sacrifice my body, my wealth, anything for you
You’ve shown me happiness and true love works.

I would travel for days just to see you smile,
If loving someone so much makes me a fool,
If happiness arrives when seeing you just a while
then let’s put love to test on this aisle
for you I can change the world
and my own lifestyle
for there aren’t any better or enough words to say
“I love you, you are the one for me”

Copyright ©2015 Jahaziel E Magana

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waiting in line -5th Challenge

Jahaziel Verses

Civilization calm but I resent, and can’t accept it.
I can’t make your god or custom’s mine
You can’t force your believes
Thinking what you were taught comes from the Divine.

What makes you think the world revolves around you
And if you say so, it makes things fine.
Why don’t you just shut up a little,
suck a dick, choke on it, swallow it, and get your ass back in line.


Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter)

Another endless portal or I think I’ve started spinning
In my mind oh no wait, that’s just me down there day dreaming
Did you tie a rope around my heart and let it dangle like a key chain
Cause now it swings like those pendulum things all God damn day

I might be waiting for an angel or begging death for a long kiss
But one thing’s clear, I’m just rotting here and I want to get off this list
You’re an agreeable contradiction and I’m the devils own form of karma
I’ll take the bullet over a Bible and end my survival but waiting in line, I just don’t wanna… (do)

4th Challenge (Fat Chicks)

Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter)

Big fat chicks you’re crazy huge, sometimes so unreal
Especially the ones that look in my eyes and see a Mchappy meal
I know you worship Meagan T. for her song “all about that bass”
but bitch you need some treble too when your wrist is as thick as my waist

If we’d date. I’d go broke, i’m sure in not too long
but what scares me most is what happens next when the moneys gone
With teary eyes I’ll say to you “we have nothing left to eat”
and you’d reply “fuck you man! go deep fry me your jeans”


Jahaziel’s Verse

Blood on the arm, blood on the ground
A cut that you self inflict
a tear falls again
for that selfish prick,

Your mind didn’t, but your heart did pick
doesn’t matter if he did hit or kick
didn’t matter if those words get her sick
didn’t matter if he calls her a fat chick.

Verse Challenge #3 (struck down)

My turn to pick the words/phrase, so I chose “struck down”

JEM’s Verses (That’s me)

I woke up all happy
but now is an obvious frown
Last night was a tough night
to be out while brown.

I remember the lights
the sound and the people in gown
I remember that dark blue uniform
of the guy who struck me down

Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter)

Although slick Rick had a big dick
He cut his wrists, slit. Called it quits
Left his wife and kids with a cicatrix
A pain inside that you just can’t fix

Shes by my side but I feel struck down
I’ll fake smile but I won’t stick around
She looks so happy in her night gown
but this trigger says i’m off to Ricks town

Verse Challege II

As we shared some laughs on our last challenge, Ken picked the writing subject about. Again same rules, two verses each. Words chosen ‘Rubbers and Fishnets’


Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter)

Alone, vulnerable and so misunderstood
she knows she’s got the upper hand and she knows that she could
bring me down right to my knees and have me plead so desperately
This bitch, she’s got a smile on her face like she loves to watch me bleed.

She says she wants to suck me raw tonight without any rubber
lips as soft as the kiss of death I swear I started to stutter
then you realize the devil doesn’t come to bring any obvious pain
she comes wearing fishnets and high heels with an angel’s face.

JEM’s Verses (That’s me) 😀

You called me a ‘beaner’, and I got mad
with your mascara and fishnets you’re still the best I’ve had
if I’m a beaner, does it make you a trailer trash?
my rod caught your fish, without rubber after our crash

You loved and moaned it, screaming my name
your ass I owned it, you did it all without shame.
why must you phone me, to say we’re all the same
what we had was a big game, and your lover on your face just came?

First Verse challenge…

So now that I am able to spend some time with my cousin who also happens to be a creative fellow we opted to do a quick test on our writing and rhyming skills. We talked over the rules, someone had to pick a subject or words to write about, two verses each, 4 lines per verse. Starting with something I never really wrote about before ‘wallets and dicks’ on the terms of dating someone who likes both of them big and thick… 😀

My Verses:

What is going on here
I don’t understand this chick
always judging the size of my wallet
always comparing the size of my dick.

I am broke and you know it
my wallet is not thick
is that why you comment
my dick and wallet get empty so quick?

Ken’s Verses (Ken’s twitter)

Bombshell Brooke blonde hair, big tits tripple D’s the kind you only see
on your tripple X pornos and your wildest dreams as a teen
loves her bread, loves her Prada, loves them guys with trees
Fuck Aladdin, the ginnie in the bottle is what she needs

L.O.V.E cant you see? it isnt found but bought
mamas wise words a a little girl she caught
“baby girl, live your world on your terms as you call it
but dont get on your knees for a man without a fat ass wallet”