Silly Goodbyes (Verse Challenge)

Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter)

Now that Im alone, Ill admit i think a lot about you
now that im alone, I just dont know what the fuck to do 
thoughts in my mind, contemplating time, just want to go back to when you were mine
No, this isnt goodbye, I promise it will soon get better
“Ill be back” Ill say like Mr. Schwarzenegger
But for some reason it still hurts not being able to hold you close
Ive become addicted, youve become my drug and I need my daily dose

Im crawling on the floor with my heart pounding out my chest
I got some pictures of last night , you look so perfect in that dress
now “hold me close” you say and this isnt just a dream
its not all in my head, this is actually happening 

For once in my life, i know that i feel alive
coz im actually sad now for saying my silly goodbyes
even though that i know, ill be back in no time
Time just feels like forever when youre not by my side


My Verses

We talked about that movie, the scene you loved so much
you wished that moment was real and you could live it,
that’s exactly what I happen to have with her, no need to commit
no titles, no ties, just pure fun, her body is mine until my body happiness can emit.

Call it kinky, call it special, or call all of this a bit silly
she’s a big toy that enjoys playing with my willi
She loves the corn, the cream, the sauce, the chili,
The Mountains, the drooler, the tight, the caramel and hands a bit chilly
she comes to me as my own gift, my own flower, my Lily…
She does this good bye so lovely, so eager, so freely.

Shadows (Verse Challenge)

JEM’s Verses (That’s me)

Tell me, are you satisfied being his shadow,
Don’t you rather sit on your own throne,
why must you be a willing slave
a willing dog waiting for him to throw you a bone.

You see what you want when you walk around shadows
you see what the masters this day have shown
If you’re stronger, smarter, why wouldn’t you this king dethrone
You don’t fear his god, when is made of a breakable stone.

Raise to the ranks, comes see the pure light
no filters, no illusions created by their shadows
you can’t step in my circle with fear for your soul,
If you want to join the light, you give yourself whole.


Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter)

Scared and lonely, naked and afraid will you take my hand?
I wish that I was stronger to be friends with the boogeyman
but day by day we fight through, its all we can do to stay alive
I’ve bottled and collected memories and every tear drop that we cried

Cuz deep inside I’m still that boy who’s afraid of his own shadows
but forced to live in fear in the deepest gallows
maybe someday ill be strong and i could wrestle the devil
you could throw a mountain at me and ill think its a pebble

But to this day, we all say, we gotta learn to be tough
but what if im sick of your words and ive just had enough
my shadow isnt my enemy , my shadow is my friend
its only when the light dies, that his short life, comes to an early end


Jahaziel’s Verses 

I can never be a shadow master,
I don’t control where your light shines,
If I could control time, I would make things slow or turn faster
I could rewind those moments where there was clear signs.
I was setting up my own demise, I created in my own path that disaster
Why would I tell the world I take whatever it designs.
I could have been the creator, I could have taken a better path
where all the pain was avoided, where I never meet life’s wrath
Where I could have smiled along my friends,
now I hide behind faces, now they take over when it all ends
We share a pen, and tell what we have designed, through this camera lens.
Was I a coward, was I too afraid to deal with my own emotions and pain?
I am now only a shadow… but there are no shadows when its cloudy or rain.

Home (Challenge Verse)

Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter)

Im always leaving against my will always gone away
even though I beg from the bottom of my soul, i can never stay
Im like a ghost here and there with no permanent home
so being unsettled and lonely is all I’ve ever known

Maybe someday I might be able to stay
maybe you’ll be able to look at me and ill be here when you look my way
maybe for now its just a personal guilty dream
but i want it more than you’ll ever know a place for you and me

You can cry and not believe a single word i say
Its up to you but promise me you’ll wipe those tears someday
this is not a lie i truly want a place to call our own
we’ll lay down together in our bed forever in a place we call our home.

This Piggy went Home

Jahaziel’s Verses

Perhaps is my own fault for only knowing this place
perhaps I was too afraid to search something better
It didn’t matter how many times they hit and hurt me
it didn’t matter how many times she read my journal and letter.

Perhaps like a good slave I was trained to follow orders
like a good slave I was trained to not raise my own voice
like a good slave I’ve lived my life following their rules and system
like a slave I live, thinking what I do is my duty, not my choice.

I am that slave who got tired of the treatment,
I am that one slave who started the demise of Rome
I am trying to change this system not for my masters
I am trying to be a free slave, so I can call this world home.


JEM’s verses

Call me a crow, an opportunist, call me a vulture
I saw an easy meal and I couldn’t let it pass by
If I was a junkie, would I miss the chance to get high?
Don’t blame religion or politics, blame your own culture.

Let’s all point our fingers at nature, let’s all blame god
who wants us all to be equal yet he made us not the same, just alike
there are some weak and some strong,
Some believers and some who all this dislike,
Some were built by love and feathers, others by spears and despite
so they saw my power, and opted to search my light
I shared with them my knowledge, the weak became my knight
we now stand together, and for this place we call home. We fight.

Illusions (Verse Challenge)

Jahaziel’s Verses

I thought I had you next to me,
I thought you were all I could be
you came to me bearing glory,
You came to me offering to what you knew I would certainly agree.
after he had ignore my cries and my plea,
so come now, claim your trainee
lets ride together, to get her, here’s the key
till the end of time,  we are one. You’ll see


Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter)

Like a fairy godmother in every fairy tale
in the movies its always cutesy but in real life it never ends well
So come trick me to wanting hell
but promise me that you won’t tell
Anybody, especially mama, the trauma,
I could hear her start to yell

I’m sorry i’m not the perfect son
I’m failing and my life’s just begun
Nobody can help, deep inside i’m so ugly
I’m living a lie, but I try, thinking that I was the one

These fucking illusions all now control me
like the strings on a puppet i’m their one and only
Pinocchio dancing for the show
When I can be myself again, I’ll never know


JEM’s Verses

Call me a master of disguise, call me a supreme overlord
See my path full of glory, success and power.
I see your reign ending, I see your card is the tower
I can see my and your future, and you can’t live without me
For is me who gave you knowledge, and from that Jail’s garden set you free.
You were just like her, so eager to eat from the knowledge tree.
so now don’t tell me you don’t want all this to be.
I light up your darkness when you’re out sailing the sea
I am your fallen star, who immortality had guarantee.

Mr Maguu Tarot Reading

Hate (Verse Challenge)

Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter)

Call me god’s favorite one, or the chose one
But I choose to raise hell, my seven stages have just begun
The path I was deigned for, is not the path I want 
because the bliss in helplessness is set for me ready to haunt

Everybody in my past, to you I now say goodbye 
With my brand new wings and my pointy horns, I’ve become a different guy
You’re all still very welcome to look me in the eyes
but you’ll never see the innocence of back then when I cried

Now say you hate me and I’ll just start to laugh
Now try and come and rape me, in this world you wont come back
cause now I stand tall with the blood of my enemies on my face
Hate me now, or say goodbye to the kid I was back in the days


Jahaziel Verses

For a long time, I did nothing else but hate you,
a pretty face and her touch showed me to smile again
We held hands through those moments,
we danced and kissed on the rain,
when I had forgotten about it, you show me a stronger pain.
Now you torment me daily, you’ve taken control of my brain.
I thought I knew hate before, but you turned me insane,
I have forsaken my guides, I willingly wore that hate custom chain.
What am I to do now, that JEM pours out of my veins to start his reign.


JEM’s Verses

Look pass the mirror to see me, the knowledge I offer is free
I am your path to the all mighty, hear what I’m saying thee
a battle that covers all the earth and the sea,
that failing without you we all would surely be. Hear now this writing plea.
I am he who controls you and he who let’s you see
I made the first man and woman, eat from the forbidden tree
I am he who you calls your soul, so come give it to me
I now write this verses you read, I am who is best for us, don’t you agree?



Addicted (to you) – Verse Challenge

In the terms of being addicted to someone, even when you know they might be hurting you, and yet you still deny any claim or any advice anyone is willing to give you out of love and concern for your well being.

Jahaziel Verses…

Your words have always been so hurtful, I cried in pain daily
my defenses kept invaders out, but the fight emerged in the bailey.
A king with a fallen kingdom, soul broken. Don’t know what to do.
has it all really been my fault, or should I put the blame on you?

A whore queen you are, and no one will fight for me
your body was the strongest weapon anyone put against me.
my addictions grew, so sneaky no one was able to see
you slapped me, and I didn’t fight back, you hit me and I didn’t react to it as an attack.
You covered my kingdom in red and black, with a kiss you blocked my panic attack, and now I have nothing to fight this wolf pack, that comes through my world, looking for an easy snack.


Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter)

From the moment I saw you, I got caught like a moth to the brightest light
Go ahead and call me crazy or plain insane but i desperately need you by my side
You’re my crutch and I’m your cripple, I’m a newborn baby and you’re mama’s nipple
For me to live a life at all, i need you girl. It’s crazy but its that simple

Every waking moment I spend having nothing at all, but my thoughts of you
My flesh has no ink but my mind is different, it must be covered in tattoos
Cause you’re smile is perfect, you’re laugh is perfect, everything about you, i need…
You’re the angel that carried me away from pain, in every single one of my dreams

They say love and addiction are just a single thread apart
but who really gives a shit, just know girl that you now control my heart
I’m in too deep, too addicted, to a point of no return
that when i’m with you, i wont feel no pain, even if in flames we burn


JEM the Crow

I hate your insecurities, but they make me strong
I hate that you postponed our dreams for them this long
but I love to see you cry when you see you’re so wrong
I’m addicted to the taste of your tears like you are to that song.

If I could have had my way controlling your path we would be kings
we would have become celestial beings and earn our wings
I’ve seen the signs since you created me, but you ignore them don’t know why.
If you don’t want life like this be, look me in the eye, and tell them good bye,
your old life needs to die, for us to claim our spot in the sky.




Addicting Love

Confusion (Verse Challenge)

Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter)

When I wake up every morning and got no fucking clue
what I’m doing here, why I’m alive, or what I’m supposed to do
The hardest part is lying to you all saying I’ll make it through
When deep down inside, I just want to die, so tired of being confused

The words alone won’t make sense unless I explain
That I see this world as a fucked up game, and the goal is taking pain

I’m sick and tired of playing pretend and always living lies
I’m tired and bored but not strong enough to take away my own life
I’m bored and lonely so I lie to myself every single day
I’m lonely and angry but deep inside hope for a better way
I’m angry and scared so I’ll hate the world, its all I know to do
I’m scared and confused but i swear to God I want a love with you

Jahaziel’s Verses

You say you miss me, while holding his hand
you say you love me, but you’re making love to him on the sand
you say you want me, when things with him are not going as planned
even a blind, deft, dumb person can know this love is bland.

If you can’t stand him, why are you now by his side
if you don’t like him, is this a matter of pride?
if you don’t like his touch and kisses, why are you becoming his bride?
why do I need to come along for this ride, where all you seem to do is lie and cry?
I loved life, looked to a bright future but now I seek to die,
if I had know… in my heart you would have never reside.


JEM The Crow

Words of wisdom I always gave you, but you never listened to me
she’s not that evil, life is what you make it to be.
Life is exactly what I told you, things happened exactly how life I see
at one point in life the answers came from heaven to set you free
but so naive you became, you started to doubt and in fear flee.
Come one more time and feed with us in the knowledge tree
stop looking for it… just make your own happiness key
there’s no need to swim, when you have the power to part the sea.
It’s your life… How do you want it to be?


Happy Jack - Confused

Tears and Smiles (Verse Challenge)

Jahaziel’s Verses

In a nut shell I can say life is wonderful but always sad
I can bring up the memory of you, tears fall and with pain I go mad.
How could something so wonderful, turned up to be so bad.
You broke my passion, my faith, hopes, dreams and countless things I could add..

I smile in sadness to those nice memories with your angry attitude now you destroy,
you left me one big reason to smile, one that forever will give me joy.
I despise your presence, I despise you whole.
I despise those love words I remember, when on my mind I’m on patrol.
In this story, did I give myself the fool’s role? How is it, that a person like you, my confidence stole? Now it takes 10 other people to come rescue my soul…


JEM The Crow (My Alter Ego says…)

Tears of blood run down my face, showing the pain you’ve caused
your reflection shows the smile trace, and your feelings that have been paused.
I made a river of blood in your name,  you’ve created a fool on your game.
A goal too high for me I tried and aim? She was the moon goddess, or so you proclaim.

A fool is what you are, but I’ve proven to be a bigger one
An idea brighter than the sun,  is that you just had undone.
She’s not a goddess, and I’m not your servant, but I am the universe observant.
When I see the worlds around me still spin, I know forever my power will win.
In a self made river of tears he learns to swim, no battle is so strong, that we can’t rescue him…


Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter)

You and I, we’re quite alike, two separate lives, two separate times
but you and I, two fucked up minds
Let’s talk about how we want to die
See what I mean? Do we look alright?

Blame it on our fucked up past
or promises that didn’t last
But I found you now and you found me too
so we can watch each others backs

All the sad tears we tasted back then
helped us learn the best form of pretend
To smile when it hurts the fucking most
and carry on till the very end.


When is the time to embrace failure…?

How often or how long is it long enough for you to try and fail? Or long enough to try and succeed? There have been many times I’ve found myself realizing I’ve taken the wrong choice or the wrong path for my life, and again I have to live with the consequences, but every time we can’t achieve the results we wanted, the feeling of failure and giving up comes up. Is the failure worth it? is there no other way out but giving up?

When those feelings arrive, it is very important to remember, we learn from our failures the most. When we fall we have the opportunity to raise stronger once again, with more knowledge as of what not to do. Learn from your mistakes, don’t do the same error twice, adjust to the situation you are in. Become your biggest fan. If one thing should be eternal, I think that is hope and you should not lose your grasp in it. Never give up, there hasn’t been a person in the history of the world who was born, and was amazing and doing things perfectly on their craft.

Feelings are what determine what we believe and what we do in life. If you want to truly achieve happiness, do not give up on yourself, do more of the things that make you happy, and try to let go of those that cause you pain. Don’t let people’s opinion define your own idea and definition of who you are. We are all entitled to our opinions, but opinions and facts are sometimes different.

Somethings come so easy in our lives just as some become so difficult we have issues coping and dealing with them. That is just the beauty of life, we never know what we will get or how much of it, until everything evolves or we are open to see and accept the results. If what you are trying to accomplish will help you on your path to achieving happiness, do not ever give up, but if you have failed to obtain it, learn from your previous attempts, modify your approach and give it your all. Happiness is a choice after all. Are you willing to compromise it, or give it up?

Running Away

Dream Girl (Verse Challenge)

In Response to my Psycho Girl Challenge, Ken has decided it is better to talk about something more beautiful as a dream girl can be, so here is what he has to say about it…

Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter)

Down in reality’s mist I know you must exist. Ill cross every single desert known to man for a single kiss
And when our lips touch, I feel the purest rush like drinking out of the fountain of life still is’nt enough
I’m dazed, crazed, and phased in love in 10 different ways
In my mind, i’m in cloud nine whenever i see your face

Ill go to hell and back for you and tell you that i’m fine
Ill hide the pain i feel inside if that means I can make you mine

Maybe how i see the world just isn’t right
Maybe I convince myself that its still worth it to fight 
Maybe you’re just laughing at how my world twirls 
or just maybe you’re the devil my beautiful dream girl


JEM’s Verses (That’s me)

I see you when I close my eyes, the clouds spell it, and the wind whispers your name.
A memory of a love full of passion, faith, hope, and love’s true flame.
The shadows come to cloud my judgment with this fame game
in desperation I let my soul go, and I lost your sight, what a shame.

My face hurt and bleeding, my eye looks so blue,
I talk about our moments together, but no one remembers you,
I know now I am crazy, but what I felt I know was true
there was a moment where we existed as one, not two.
Oh my pretty panda, come eat this bamboo, play with it as before it grew,
Show me heaven looks exactly like I thought I knew
My dream girl, you’re in my view, and I’m coming to you.


Lego Girl