I might not speak the language of Shakespeare,
I might not even know how to rhyme without wine,
but I can find in my own way
how my love for you I can define.

My feelings I will say are a statement
a command that when we add you, equals true
love is that one only language,
that I never understood or even knew.
Until that night, your smile and name
in my Statement got stuck like glue.

You brought in two variables,
that made this program the best
in no time I had found the answer
to my long searched quest.

My Statement goes something like this:
When I exist next to You, Plus the two variables,
then happiness will come True.


Copyright ©2016 Jahaziel E Magana

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As our World Evolves

As I think of the past, and the smiles you brought
I can think of many memories and reasons why my attention you caught.
It didn’t take long for our hearts to be involved
and to make you mine I resolved.
When I’m with you I know there is not a problem
that together we can’t solve.
My future lies with you
and with you, my life will evolve.

I had asked for the sky to shine bright blue
and the sun to light my path towards you.
It took only a moment, and my life changed its point of view,
I walk strong and proud, knowing our love is true.

Copyright ©2016 Jahaziel E Magana


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When Loneliness gets to you

Have you ever been surrounded by people who love you or like you enough to talk to you, yet you’re drowning in loneliness?

What is loneliness and what makes this feeling emerge? First of all, I’ve spent countless hours alone riding my motorcycle, playing video games or walking around trying to find something to take a picture of and this feeling of loneliness never arose while actually being alone. Why can you be alone and not feel lonely, yet you’re around people and you feel lonely? The two big variables that determine the feeling to emerge are:
What are you doing and how much you like it?

Chronic loneliness can lead to depression, premature aging, and health problems

I am by all means not a person of science or too strong convictions, but here you can find  a Good Read on it:
Psychology Today
Psych Central


30 Años

Treinta años llevamos juntos
Treinta años que a tu lado soy felíz,
una vida a tu lado miré
en le momento que tus besos probé.

Eres mi diosa,m
en todo momento te llevo en mi mente,
le pido a dios a mi lado siempre tenerte.

30 años cumplimos en este Enéro
no nos falta la salúd ni el dinéro
nuestros 3 hijos…
Dios, sabe como los quiero.

Copyright ©2016 Jahaziel E Magana

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Discrimination (Verse Challenge)

My Verses

I’ve seen it on Tv, heard it on the radio,
I’ve seen it happen in school, I have even lived it.
Words have the power to even your soul hit
those words follow that racist pig spit
I got a ticket, I got a bruise, I got a ‘humble’ police cruise.
I look like a beaner, a delinquent, someone addicted to booze
My titles didn’t matter, for I had on my arm some tattoos
my camera gets broken, my body gets a worse abuse.
I’m a US citizen, but papers can’t get rid of my look
Once I show and proof my papers, my color you still refuse,
If you’re not racist… What’s your excuse?


Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter)

Come look at me and tell me, what do you see?
I’ll tell you what you see, a stupid fucking half breed
Discriminate me, come and hate me
Project your hate against all my faith but this is how I will be

I’m a mix of rage and love and everything repulsive
You are my angel and everything compulsive
So it’s no mystery why they see me like a disease
I’m the freak show that you don’t know and won’t believe me

But in the end my enemies will all fall
Painful thoughts I once felt now have no effect at all
Discriminate me, segregate me and let’s see how it goes
But I swear I’ll come back vengeance, a wrath you’ll never know

Silly Goodbyes (Verse Challenge)

Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter)

Now that Im alone, Ill admit i think a lot about you
now that im alone, I just dont know what the fuck to do 
thoughts in my mind, contemplating time, just want to go back to when you were mine
No, this isnt goodbye, I promise it will soon get better
“Ill be back” Ill say like Mr. Schwarzenegger
But for some reason it still hurts not being able to hold you close
Ive become addicted, youve become my drug and I need my daily dose

Im crawling on the floor with my heart pounding out my chest
I got some pictures of last night , you look so perfect in that dress
now “hold me close” you say and this isnt just a dream
its not all in my head, this is actually happening 

For once in my life, i know that i feel alive
coz im actually sad now for saying my silly goodbyes
even though that i know, ill be back in no time
Time just feels like forever when youre not by my side


My Verses

We talked about that movie, the scene you loved so much
you wished that moment was real and you could live it,
that’s exactly what I happen to have with her, no need to commit
no titles, no ties, just pure fun, her body is mine until my body happiness can emit.

Call it kinky, call it special, or call all of this a bit silly
she’s a big toy that enjoys playing with my willi
She loves the corn, the cream, the sauce, the chili,
The Mountains, the drooler, the tight, the caramel and hands a bit chilly
she comes to me as my own gift, my own flower, my Lily…
She does this good bye so lovely, so eager, so freely.

Shadows (Verse Challenge)

JEM’s Verses (That’s me)

Tell me, are you satisfied being his shadow,
Don’t you rather sit on your own throne,
why must you be a willing slave
a willing dog waiting for him to throw you a bone.

You see what you want when you walk around shadows
you see what the masters this day have shown
If you’re stronger, smarter, why wouldn’t you this king dethrone
You don’t fear his god, when is made of a breakable stone.

Raise to the ranks, comes see the pure light
no filters, no illusions created by their shadows
you can’t step in my circle with fear for your soul,
If you want to join the light, you give yourself whole.


Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter)

Scared and lonely, naked and afraid will you take my hand?
I wish that I was stronger to be friends with the boogeyman
but day by day we fight through, its all we can do to stay alive
I’ve bottled and collected memories and every tear drop that we cried

Cuz deep inside I’m still that boy who’s afraid of his own shadows
but forced to live in fear in the deepest gallows
maybe someday ill be strong and i could wrestle the devil
you could throw a mountain at me and ill think its a pebble

But to this day, we all say, we gotta learn to be tough
but what if im sick of your words and ive just had enough
my shadow isnt my enemy , my shadow is my friend
its only when the light dies, that his short life, comes to an early end


Jahaziel’s Verses 

I can never be a shadow master,
I don’t control where your light shines,
If I could control time, I would make things slow or turn faster
I could rewind those moments where there was clear signs.
I was setting up my own demise, I created in my own path that disaster
Why would I tell the world I take whatever it designs.
I could have been the creator, I could have taken a better path
where all the pain was avoided, where I never meet life’s wrath
Where I could have smiled along my friends,
now I hide behind faces, now they take over when it all ends
We share a pen, and tell what we have designed, through this camera lens.
Was I a coward, was I too afraid to deal with my own emotions and pain?
I am now only a shadow… but there are no shadows when its cloudy or rain.

Home (Challenge Verse)

Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter)

Im always leaving against my will always gone away
even though I beg from the bottom of my soul, i can never stay
Im like a ghost here and there with no permanent home
so being unsettled and lonely is all I’ve ever known

Maybe someday I might be able to stay
maybe you’ll be able to look at me and ill be here when you look my way
maybe for now its just a personal guilty dream
but i want it more than you’ll ever know a place for you and me

You can cry and not believe a single word i say
Its up to you but promise me you’ll wipe those tears someday
this is not a lie i truly want a place to call our own
we’ll lay down together in our bed forever in a place we call our home.

This Piggy went Home

Jahaziel’s Verses

Perhaps is my own fault for only knowing this place
perhaps I was too afraid to search something better
It didn’t matter how many times they hit and hurt me
it didn’t matter how many times she read my journal and letter.

Perhaps like a good slave I was trained to follow orders
like a good slave I was trained to not raise my own voice
like a good slave I’ve lived my life following their rules and system
like a slave I live, thinking what I do is my duty, not my choice.

I am that slave who got tired of the treatment,
I am that one slave who started the demise of Rome
I am trying to change this system not for my masters
I am trying to be a free slave, so I can call this world home.


JEM’s verses

Call me a crow, an opportunist, call me a vulture
I saw an easy meal and I couldn’t let it pass by
If I was a junkie, would I miss the chance to get high?
Don’t blame religion or politics, blame your own culture.

Let’s all point our fingers at nature, let’s all blame god
who wants us all to be equal yet he made us not the same, just alike
there are some weak and some strong,
Some believers and some who all this dislike,
Some were built by love and feathers, others by spears and despite
so they saw my power, and opted to search my light
I shared with them my knowledge, the weak became my knight
we now stand together, and for this place we call home. We fight.

Illusions (Verse Challenge)

Jahaziel’s Verses

I thought I had you next to me,
I thought you were all I could be
you came to me bearing glory,
You came to me offering to what you knew I would certainly agree.
after he had ignore my cries and my plea,
so come now, claim your trainee
lets ride together, to get her, here’s the key
till the end of time,  we are one. You’ll see


Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter)

Like a fairy godmother in every fairy tale
in the movies its always cutesy but in real life it never ends well
So come trick me to wanting hell
but promise me that you won’t tell
Anybody, especially mama, the trauma,
I could hear her start to yell

I’m sorry i’m not the perfect son
I’m failing and my life’s just begun
Nobody can help, deep inside i’m so ugly
I’m living a lie, but I try, thinking that I was the one

These fucking illusions all now control me
like the strings on a puppet i’m their one and only
Pinocchio dancing for the show
When I can be myself again, I’ll never know


JEM’s Verses

Call me a master of disguise, call me a supreme overlord
See my path full of glory, success and power.
I see your reign ending, I see your card is the tower
I can see my and your future, and you can’t live without me
For is me who gave you knowledge, and from that Jail’s garden set you free.
You were just like her, so eager to eat from the knowledge tree.
so now don’t tell me you don’t want all this to be.
I light up your darkness when you’re out sailing the sea
I am your fallen star, who immortality had guarantee.

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