Graceful (Verse Challenge with Ken)

Jahaziel’s Verses

If I can’t join the Illuminati,
Maybe I could at least be a Mason.
I can stop doing drugs, no more sex
so I don’t feel in life, I’ve been wasteful.
I can stop talking of politics, no more opinion
no more complains on this chaotic nation.
Lets act like a slut, or a whore,
lets keep inequality, lets all be hateful.

We can only endorse evolution
and never talk of god’s amazing creation.
I can pretend you yelling at me ‘Beaner’
lets me know you can be playful.
Discriminate me and follow the rhetoric
and the narrative so successful
that shows the world  that actions don’t matter,
just the words that show strength,
and lies that make something graceful.



Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter)

I always thought the ugly duckling was the prodigal son.

I’m stuck living a lie that’s so tasteless and playful
cause I’m just another lost soul trying hard to be graceful
and it still doesn’t matter how hard I try or how hard I work
all you do is criticize, tell lies, and call me a joke.

I’m like the fucked-up restoration on the painting of Jesus
I know the artist meant well, but it sure as hell, didn’t pleas us.
The intention doesn’t matter, it’s the outcome that judges
makes me a day late, a buck short, a cripple with no crutches.

Just want to cut my own wings off and fly at the same time
I miss the times when what you don’t see, is what you don’t mind.
So now I’m still stuck with this lie while I sit and grow hateful
I told you I was a lost soul trying my hardest to be graceful.


Copyright ©2017



Pure & Uncut (verse challenge with Ken)

Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter)

I can honestly say I’m starting to forget
what the word “sober” means.
I remember being scared of demons
but now we play on the same team.
Now, does that mean or do you believe
that I can’t be good inside?
Cause I too believe in Love, Hope, and Dreams
and pointless little lies.

Please feel free to judge me
because you’re obviously so pure
and don’t worry I’m not laughing
I just don’t think you’re the cure.
So I’ll go away to live day by day
in a world that’s filled with joy
while all the rest pretend to talk, pretend to care
but only want to destroy.

But flip the coin to the other side
I promise you’ll find joy as well
it doesn’t have to be all dark and sadness
we also have so many stories of
beauty left to tell.
So have you changed your mind about me
or do you still think that I”m fucked up?
Don’t worry, now I’m laughing inside and out
cause I still think that you’re uncut.




Jahaziel’s Verses

Can my story be a love letter?
Would a love poem sound better?
If I was to describe us, I would bring up Christmas,
you are the contest, and I am the ugly sweater.

You have the most beautiful eyes I’ve seen
a pretty face, even a big round butt
you were so good to me
you learned how to make me nut.
Forgive me if I’m being raunchy
my innocence is no flower pure & Uncut.
I can’t talk of smiles when I’m looking at your tits
I can’t talk of dignity, if i’m wondering if she swallows or spits
can I be the type of man who hits it, then quits?
Am I the type of man who believes in suicide first
before to love and to a relationship he commits?

Copyright ©2017 Jahaziel E Magana


Jahaziel’s Verses

I don’t look up to authority
but I respect those who share knowledge
I don’t have to follow guidelines
we don’t need rules on decency.

I don’t need you to say
what is right or wrong
I don’t need you to accept
my plants or the bong
I don’t need your help to succeed
I don’t need your negativity and doubts
to succeed in life… I don’t need your permission.




Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter)


Lately things have been changing faster than the speed of light
it’s been way too damn long since there’s been innocence in sight
like a drug affecting me straight to the brain.
My time on this earth is a slow passing drain.

Political correctness and extreme sensitivity
have joined forces to expand cultivated plasticity
no space for imagination just mandatory submission
lately to be myself, I’ve had to ask for permission.



How does DID affect your life?

If you have someone you love dealing with DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) or you are one of the lucky ones to experience it first hand. As I’ve been keeping track of my life changes and personalities with a journal, I’ve come to the realization there are some basic things you must know about how to deal with life.

Let’s start by educating those who are not familiar with DID, and how it affects your being. If we start with the word Dissociation (dissociative) it describes the disconnection or lack of connection between things that are usually associated with each other as can be  consciousness, memory, identity, or perception of life and your surroundings.
What this means is one might not show the emotional response people might expect, kind of like being numb emotionally at times. I’ve noticed that important moments of my life, the day things were happening I was oblivious to it, but thinking back to it, I can now say, that was such a nice day. Wish I could have smiled more, or spent more time with my friends. There have been days and I think my poetry is witness to it… the suddenly, unbearably sadness that appears without an specific reason, but after I write the poem or just as sudden as it appears, the sadness leaves in much the same manner as it came. The suddenly mysterious part of my life. 😀

As I’ve come to learn there are times I love life and photography and times I hate them both, there are months I can be all about designing to later not be able to create a design or even know how to. I can write for days a novel and poetry and all of a sudden those words vanish and transform into something else. If all this could be something that I could control I think life would be pretty sweet. Unfortunately I have been in the middle of creating a design and something happens in my persona that I lose that ability and vision of a designer. I can try to get back there and sometimes I manage to do it, but other times I have to complete what I’m doing with whatever means I have left. If I have to spend some extra hours searching on how to do stuff, then that is what needs to be done.


Like any other problem or even life itself, it takes time to understand and learn to deal how to best handle your situation. As a loving family member or spouse, friend. It’s always important to not judge, discriminate, or make up assumptions on someone who has to live with DID. We all need love and support.

A good site to visit:

Identity (Verse Challenge with Ken)

Ken’s verses (Ken’s Twitter)

Once upon a time
I was hooked on a high
called, the Devil’s Little Lie
Coz it was such a plain type of pain
that resonated with me inside

I’m still trying to figure out who the fuck I am
my purpose, my calling, and what the fuck I am
So don’t you fucking say that you understand me exactly
when I still haven’t figured out what it means to be me

Who I once was I will never have back
Who I’ll be someday I guess I’ll never know
so until then I’ll just look in the mirror, knowing it never gets clearer
and sit still as the days go.



Jahaziel’s Verses

If I say I am the universe
it sounds like Insanity.
If I say I am god
you questions my alliance to humanity.

If I claim to be a mystery,
you will claim I know not fidelity,
If I talk of love,
you bring scarcity
When I say humble
you say Vanity.

If you know say you know better
then tell me.
What is my identity?

Endless Hope

There comes a moment in life
when you feel like crying for what you’ve won.
Your emotions flow endlessly,
It’s the excitement and fear of having a daughter or son.

At moments you might panic
perhaps you even wonder what you’ve done.
you have some moments of panic and anger
yet, those worth living show you
the real meaning of “FUN”
in those moments of darkness
their smile turns into a sun
Now you have someone to teach
someone to pass on the rope,
someone that pushes you
to climb and leave that slope
as you look into their eyes
once more you experience the endless hope.

Copyright ©2016 Jahaziel E Magana


Si Supiera Hacer Magia

Si supiera hacer magia
haria un encanto en mi rima
que te hipnotice
y me lleve a la cima.
Me covierta en poeta o rapero
activista, o politico ratero
y recivir un Grammy o un Nobel
de mi familia ser el primero.
Le peleamos duro
con mis puños de acero.

Palabras mas hipnoticas
que J.Lo y Nicky con su tracero
sin confundirte, sin ser grocero
manejando dia y noche como buen camionero
Irnos de parranda
como el mejor parrandero.
Ser mejor estrella
que el mas grande Rockero.

Si supiera hacer magia
no seria Jardinero
seria mas exitoso que el ingeniero
las hierbas seria de mi propio invernadero
Si supiera hacer magia
podria ser yo mismo todo el tiempo
y ser feliz por siempre.


Copyright ©2016 Jahaziel E Magana

Tell Me

Tell me how to be a leader, a role model
tell me how to hide my lie making it seem it’s true,
tell me how to I blame my drug addiction
for my marriage failure, and bad parenting skills too.

I have a business man attitude, a personality of a poet
the wisdom of a guru, all wrapped in a crow tattoo
I have an angel that whispers, a demon that yells
the lord of darkness and his army that my soul pursue.

I tried the Christian and the satanic bible
looking for guidance on at least one verse
looking for a spark of inspiration
on living life without feeling life’s a curse.
I prayed to the highest, my lord, my energy source
to help me beat this guilt, this impotence, this remorse.
what I got was my arrogant attitude, loving the risky
I felt in love with vodka, traded my best friend for whisky.
A wine aficionado, half my own words I used to borrow
I’m lying on the street still dreaming on the day I’ll win the lotto.

Tell me how I bring in my life peace and order
how do I control my Dissociative Identity Disorder
Tell me how I keep following just one dream around
tell me if there’s a secret, so I don’t keep falling down.


Copyright ©2016 Jahaziel E Magana

Life’s Greatest Blessing

I am the ocean to your sand
the tree to the bird,
for your salad, the dressing
and to me, you’re my biggest blessing.

You hold my hand when I’m losing balance,
you make me smile, when I’m feeling down
you’re the bubble of air
that gives me life so I don’t drown.
Being with you, nothing in life
could ever bring me down.

Looking at those eyes, changed my world view
made me experience love was true
you keep teaching me, things I never knew.
My life’s greatest blessing is you.


Copyright ©2016 Jahaziel E Magana

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