On a Saturday she swore me loyalty,
on a Saturday she swore me love forever.
Next Wednesday she cheated,
Next Friday she left, but whatever.

I wasted my time searching for her love,
trying to somehow appeal and stay in her heart
I tried giving her love and taking her places,
I tried buying her gifts, a car, making some art
Nothing worked, I never got closer
She saw me as a tool,
just your average in-love Loser.

I thought I learned from that experience,
I locked my heart and feelings away.
I figured I meet someone who lives faraway,
Maybe someone who can meet me halfway,
Someone who once they Meet me,
thanks to my hugs and kisses would want to stay
I met you on a Sunday, but was in love prior to that day.
You made me smile and to god again pray
But Monday came, and you said things between us were not okay,
Tuesday… Well, I’m alone again Today.

Copyright ©2017 Jahaziel E. Magana

Describing Us

Your eyes tell me they love me
your body glows with desire, bathed in a scent so glorious
your mind, honest and mysterious
full of fear of what could be.

Our spirit dancing in joy, our bodies in pleasure
your smile, touch and kisses
have become my greatest treasure
your presence makes my poetry 1,000 times better.
The thought of your love, of us
makes me dream of ‘forever’

Copyright ©2017 Jahaziel E. Magana


Tear drops fall from heaven,
those tears fall on my guitar.
Wishes travel the sky
following that shooting star.
I fell hard for you, and I bled
your name engraved as a scar.

I should have let those melodies
my pain forever extinguish,
I should have asked for another wish
I shouldn’t have cut open
the veins in my writs

Copyright ©2017 Jahaziel E. Magana

Bike Riding

I’ve been using my Hero 3 on the bike but I thought the footage and angles were not good enough so I decided to get me one more GoPro (or two) and test the footage in the GoPro app as well and see how it turned out. Somehow doing everything from the phone without using the computer felt less tedious. Even though, its way easier using the editing program but it still does a good enough job where you can be satisfied and proud with the results.


Forgive me if I am crying
Neither you, nor I is to blame
Sadness doesn’t bring joy
and Depression is not a game.
I didn’t choose this unbalance
I shouldn’t have to explain.

In that bath tub you see the bubbles
I see my bloodstain
I’ve opened up my heart to you
and you call my explanation ‘lame’
that problem you’re having
I easily overcame, and that’s how
I strong and successful became.

I live with Depression
and depression lives in your brain.
Please don’t punish me…
don’t add gasoline to the flame.

Copyright ©2017 Jahaziel E. Magana

Lied to

You look and talk to me,
like if about life I had no clue,
like psychology, and intuition
is something I don’t understand and it’s new.
You complain about people’s lack of honesty,
yet you pretend to be all naive of a subject you already Knew.

I don’t need anyone to pretend to understand me,
or pretend you know what ‘best for me’ should be?
Your happiness and dreams are not similar to mine
Destiny is in my hands, I can see the line.
One shows my heart, another my mind
then, life and destiny are twined.

Let me dig a bit in my memory,
Before I recognized I was extrasensory
Before I could see and feel your energy
Was there a time you wouldn’t lie to me?

Copyright ©2017 Jahaziel E. Magana

The Best Choice after you is Suicide

The heavens tell me you’re a great woman
one amazing mother too.
The one who can make my love dreams come true
your birthmark matches my tattoo.
Together we are one,
even if people see two

When our lips meet I feel so alive
even if you can’t be my girlfriend
even if you can never be my wife
lets hold hands
and go on the ride of our life
let’s explore our bodies
let’s enjoy the nightlife
no worries, our trip can be countrywide
you can drive or enjoy the passenger side
as I drive, your head below my chest you can slide.
If we can’t be together…
the best choice after you, is Suicide.

Copyright ©2017 Jahaziel E. Magana

The Girl in the Black Skirt

So there I was today
walking straight to you
all those words
carefully planned out.
But seeing you has made me shiver
your pretty face has made me smile
your beautiful body almost made my heart stop.

Such a pretty skirt
that gives me a brief view of your legs
but my legs walk slower, the closer I get
my dry lips have made my mouth so hard to open
those words I thought so easy, are now impossible to say.

A couple steps away you notice me and smile
but my confidence has gone through the drain
every word I had planned has suddenly went away.
Feeling so sad and useless I manage to say ‘hey’
I keep walking wishing, you and I… could become a we
thinking how that drink your lips are touching I would like to be
hoping later in time I don’t regret this moment
as much as I do right now.

Copyright ©2017 Jahaziel E. Magana