The Perspective of Things

Sitting on my desk looking outside through a dirty window got me thinking. What kind of person I might be, what have I focused on first, the pretty view or the dirty window. How or what does that say about me as a person, father, professional. Do I focus on what I can’t do and why, or am I the type of person who sees the problem but a solution as well? When I see my son struggling in a Math problem, do I focus on his struggle, or his determination to be a Math teacher? When I have my camera out on a shoot, and I arrive to a not so desirable situation… What’s my approach, what perspective of things do I choose to see?

I believe we all see the same things but what truly matters and makes us different is what and how we choose to see them.

Perspective of Things

Photographer in Despair

I think every artist, or mostly everybody for that matter feels we do not belong where we are in life, or in what we are doing. There have been times where I’ve had that emotion, and on the urge to get rid of that feeling, or deal with it, I came up with an idea for a video edit to express a little of what goes inside my brain.

The Essence of Time

How many times do we charge with all our energy and will to do something, but for whatever reason we end up failing along the way? How many times do we sit waiting for the perfect moment, and we sit too long our time passes? How are we to know when the right time has come?

I believe the more you try, the more you will learn about what works, what not to do again, and eventually learn to take chances on opportunities that can generate many doors to open along your way. It is essential to fail, in order to succeed. Thinking back when I saw my kids learning to walk. They constantly kept falling down, over and over again. Yet, despite their failure they kept standing up and trying. Just like a baby learning to walk, we live our life constantly trying to do something failing, and trying again. Sometimes the best way to succeed is to have someone hold us while we can stand on our own, walk holding ourselves in whoever and whatever can hold us till we are capable of standing alone.

Success does not rely on when or how you try, but you’re willingness to keep trying and the intensity of your effort. The essence of time is such beauty that if you invest time in something you are passionate about you will see positive results from it. Don’t let your ego blind you on taking or letting go certain opportunities. Success is at our reach, take the time and effort to stretch enough to grab it.

The Trims – The Breeze (Live @ San Pedro Square)

At their CD Release Show for their “Bright Lights City” release I had the opportunity to record them and got some good footage of their Breeze song. Be sure to check their site to listen to their songs and buy either of their CDs. Their music is awesome, they truly rock every show I’ve seen them perform in.