Lego World – Fight for Survival

Since My oldest son is in love with legos, I’ve had some time playing with him, not only lego video games but the lego figures as well. Lately I’ve found myself a little tired of playing with them so I tried a new aproach to the game, and my son and I had a blast on the afternoon, then again at night and he went to sleep hoping to play again the next day. This is the result of our Lego Adventure. The edit of a little movie trailer using Movie edit Pro “Lego World – Fight for Survival”.

The Importance of a Belt

Every time I get to cover the Belt Test or any event that requires dedication and great efforts, and the rewards of accomplishing your goals and obtain that which you have worked so hard for, it’s a moment of inspiration and a moment to also prove to myself that my skills and focus as a Creative and Photographer also improve and I can accomplish goals and see the rewards from my efforts, just got some images from the latest belt test and I got an old image from last years test in December which I also got to attend, and even though I thought then, I had captured a really good image, it is pleasing knowing just as I got to see the students at the Taekwondo Academy get rewarded for their efforts, seeing improvement in my images was just as rewarding.

Studio Fun

As I was getting my equipment and light ready to take some pictures, my son was walking around the studio and decided he should be part of the light test images, it was fun having him around. It also gave me a reminder that is always best to have your studio away from home, as the family distraction can affect your work flow if one is not careful.

Drop Down Menu on Ipads

drop down menu done in CSS3
There was a time when I would have to code a page and have to adjust my coding for the browser a user might be using. As IE kept on either losing users or keeping up with standards as the rest of the browsers, coding became a little easier without having to make so many statements to make a page look the same or as similar as possible. Then came a mighty popular devices which gave path to other great devices that much as its predecessors (as in he who is on top makes the rules) would not make things easier for designers, as now we have to adjust our designs according to their guidelines (… Yes, the amazing iPhone,Ipad devices which in my opinion are not as amazing as the droid devices (as You can tell, I am a droid user :D). I am not saying they stand short on capabilities, but as a web developer point of view, I don’t like the extra work I need to do and invest in order to make my designs work, specially the first couple times you try something. It’s just a long exhausting process.

As I mentioned I am not an iPhone, or Ipad user, and since my coding including my latest encounter with drop down menus have always worked on my droid device. I never thought the iPhone/Ipad did not support such behavior, and it started an intense process that made me invest couple extra hours. Your basic JavaScript menu doesn’t work, and the CSS3 menus I’ve used didn’t work either thanks to the unsupported version of the hover option -which again, you can get on droid devices-.

If you come across this problem there are couple things you can do, the easiest is the have the first list item -which will bring up the hidden menu- not be a link and use the onClick=”return true” within the < li > tag.
If your skills in CSS are up to the task, you can also make it work with pure CSS, as some of the work in the Innovar Marketing Portfolio (

Making our own photo of a beautiful or memorable place is part of photography

I had some free time to read what some of my colleagues have been doing or what work or words they have to inspire the rest of us. On one of the latest post of Matt Kloskowski(, an amazing photographer from Florida who on this blog post I enjoyed talks about how many of us try to make our own version of things. I agree with his post and opinion and I too when something amazing catches my eye feel the need to create not the same, but my own version of that Landscape, or in my case portrait, movement, action. Photography is so beautiful because just as any form of art… Even if every subject has been created before you, it has not been created by your hand, your version and perspective of things is new.

Matt’s -why so manay people love Landscape Photography post…

That Was Photoshopped!!!

When I’ve met with customers for the first time, many of them have the idea that all photographers use Photoshop, or alter in one way or another the images. I think this is a common misconception. There are many names on top of the photography business who do not modify their images in such a perceived way. I do not have anything against such modifications, in certain occasions such adjustments or creative input into an image is necessary to create the artist idea. However, I am against it when one as a photographer has to use such tools to make the image acceptable, whether that be a lack of knowledge or ability. It is my goal as a photographer to master my craft to not use such tools on my work to fix it, but rather to enhance it. It is my belief if something doesn’t look good after the shutter goes off, you must fix it there and shoot the image again. Work the room, the church, the studio in such a way that the only reason you would modify your images is to either increase color, or turn an image black/White.

That Was Photoshopped!!!

The Perspective of Things

Sitting on my desk looking outside through a dirty window got me thinking. What kind of person I might be, what have I focused on first, the pretty view or the dirty window. How or what does that say about me as a person, father, professional. Do I focus on what I can’t do and why, or am I the type of person who sees the problem but a solution as well? When I see my son struggling in a Math problem, do I focus on his struggle, or his determination to be a Math teacher? When I have my camera out on a shoot, and I arrive to a not so desirable situation… What’s my approach, what perspective of things do I choose to see?

I believe we all see the same things but what truly matters and makes us different is what and how we choose to see them.

Perspective of Things