Sandra & Enrique Session

Couple by light house
Sandra and Enrique on the Lighthouse
Couple on Cliff
on the Cliff

couple on cliffI got the opportunity to shoot this amazing couple over the weekend. It’s so inspiring to see what love can accomplish and the things we can do for the person we love. I think changing cities to be with the girl you love is proof enough that not only you care about her, but you are willing to do what you can to make things work and keep her happy. With so many cool images to choose from, here are my favorite…

The Wedding Day

Bride and Groom
Bride and Groom

Bride Walking

La Bibora de la MarAfter taking Rocio & Eriberto’s engagement, I covered their big day. The wedding was truly awesome and I believe a wedding should be. Full of happiness, excitement and a great time among friends. Seeing this couple together still makes me think there is hope, and that ‘L’ word is more than just a word, but a something so real you can see, admire, and get inspired from. I’m sure they will keep on being happy and the great couple they are until the end… šŸ˜€

Bride And Bridesmaids
Bride posing with her Bridesmaids

Rocio & Eriberto Engagement Session

There’s nothing better than to have a couple who truly love each other pose for their engagement session near the beach. I am super excited to get to photograph their upcoming wedding. It will be amazing. You guys look great together.




Sharing what you know…

I’ve been a photography mentor for couple months now, and I must admit that it does feel good to share what you know and try to inspire someone into creating an art vision with the wonderful tool known as ‘Camera’. There is something about photography, much like writing and music that calls many people. Photography is something truly amazing, I believe that being a photographer is truly the best job ever. But like all jobs it has its challenges, personal, ethically and socially. Part of the personal challenges is to find your calling as a photographer, there are so many wonderful segments of photography. If one is super social person, there are many events that we can cover. If we prefer solitude, there are also many options available. If we pay attention to our work and what we search to capture in the camera, one can find interesting things not only of the world but oneself. Do we prefer to use a 200mm lens to be able to keep our distance, or a 50mm so we can stay close? Does one smile reflect one personality better than a more emotional moment? do we look for the perfect shot, or do we wait for the shots to come to us?

Much like paying attention to what, and how you shoot. It is also something interesting to find what way to explain, teach, and share your experiences. If one truly pay attention, just like a photograph can reflect one self, creating/molding a scene certain way can also tell a lot about the photographer.

Photography notes
White board with the photography class notes

When you see true Love

It’s amazing when you see people who truly love each other. It’s just so noticeable and inspiring, when I see people like this amazing couple makes me dream of love like there is no tomorrow… It was truly an honor to be their photographer. Adriana and Rene Acevedo are that type of couple who will surely love each other for a life time and beyond…Bride and Groom



Money Dance

Reception Dance

Family pic


Bride and Parents

Couple Kiss

Flower bouquet

Leaving Church


praying for eternal happiness
Bride arriving
Arriving at church

Video sometimes expresses things better

It’s true one image can express 1,000 words, but one video can express 1,000 images šŸ˜€
The music, the people engagement to them, the true spirit of the family being together, it always makes you smile when you see them over and over again on those family videos.

When my camera takes me places

It’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to go out of town on assignment, it’s always so much fun to get to a new location, and find out how similar yet so different they are. Just like people, we might have many similar personalities and responses but we are still unique in our own way. While in San Francisco I ended up missing my first flight šŸ™‚

Good thing there are more planes šŸ™‚ so I got to take my first picture of L.A. from the plane as it was arriving in the city, and subsequently I made it to the NAMA One Show

Fading Promises

When is enough?
To say enough to the constant struggle you have to deal with to keep a promise to yourself, to a loved one, or just any promise you might have done…
Is it ever acceptable to break a promise? I remember when I started writing my book, I promised I would continue to write and would have enough material to make another one a year later… No need to say I was not able to keep that promise. Thinking back to those days, I can’t really recall any real reason that could have stopped me from keeping that promised to myself, or to my poetry. As I try to achieve something better… I don’t look back to try and hold what it was, but to learn of what I’ve lived and make sure I do better next time. I believe if I let myself down when I was in loved with Poetry… I will do everything I can to make sure I keep my passion for photography and creativity, if I’ve always tried my best and beyond to keep a promise to someone else. Why wouldn’t I deserve the same effort? In 5 years from now, I would love to have the opportunity to look back and not wonder why I stopped, but be able to see what has made me better in my journey in photography. I want to see the great things I’ve achieved, and how my passion for photography has not faded, but grown even stronger.
At this point in my life, I feel like taking photography from me would be devastating… I can’t imagine, or I should say… I don’t want to imagine me doing anything else with my life that doesn’t involve photography.

Broken Promise
Broken Promise