For a while now I have been working on the website for the nutrition and fitness studio Perfect Union which offers support building new healthy habits while participating on group or personal training classes. When Jennifer first spoke to me about her idea and what she wanted to do with the business I was more than impressed. Her plan was solid and impressive, her determination to share a healthier life style with other people has been shown not only on the website but on the growth her business has had throughout the first year. We might have had a slow design process but the site has been running since last year. While the photo shoots were done as we had to post pone them several times, I had created an introductory video that has been on the home page since the site went public. This video showed how important is for Jennifer to help others and how she can help build better habits for her clients. For anyone wanting to improve their health, get in a better life style where you know what is the right mixed of nutrition and fitness, I really recommend that you visit her website and give her a call to schedule a consultation. Her services won’t disappoint anyone. _MG_1627





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